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Full Version: Is anyone willing to do screenshots of the character customization?
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To explain what i am asking for would take up more space in the thread name so im explaining it here.

I am a noob to this emulator however i managed without asking to figure enough out to create a character.

I was wondering If anyone was willing (or already did) to do screenshots of a lot, most, some or all of the combinations (well each thing individually i mean, like a picture of what this shirt looks like & another screenshot about the shoes etc) for each clothing so that it is easier to know what clothes you want for your character, or maybe a link to a downloadable file with screenshots & text files for all or most or some of the clothing so that we can tell at the website character creation for Mxoemu what that clothing we are selecting looks like (and maybe even color combinations).

Just basically, any combination of text and or screenshots telling you what clothing is what clothing. Maybe a text file saying what color each number is on the character customizer is. Just anything that will help me know what clothing / colors im selecting. If no one is willing to help I will just go through each setting but, i just want to to know if anyone is willing to help me and others out. So i think what im asking for has been clarified.
Here go OP.

I used my super Data Mining Tools (search bar) to find this for you.
He wants pictures, pictures of spiderman !
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRdNK3un4yEViUsAQUgXDV...gm9slb&t=1]
(25-08-2012, 09:03 AM)rajkosto Wrote: [ -> ]He wants pictures, pictures of spiderman !
It's no screenshots, but with the &update (if that is the correct command), this tool can take a lot of legwork out of getting pictures of what you may be looking for: