The Matrix Online Server Emulator

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Please post new servers guys we need somone that can let us play Tongue sry for this useless thread but i really want to let people know we already waant to play MxO Smile
Oh you ALREADY want to play MXO
you didnt want to before ? nice to know
can someone link that old post for server creation bundle w/ how to make your own twofish keys so the stand alone version can let others join...

those were very interesting Old ways of multiple ppl making their of servers
there's no reason to
if you start one it wont have working doors/elevs or hardline porting
Why would you want any other server than the one that's running? Why post more servers? There's only three people who somewhat regularly log in, why separate the few on different servers? Stick to this one.
guys i cant login... wich username and pw i have to use? where i must register? Sad
[Image: Wy1efiE.gif]
(20-01-2013, 10:06 AM)rajkosto Wrote: [ -> ][Image: Wy1efiE.gif]

ok and so? i cant play?
have you even read whats on the front page ?
(20-01-2013, 10:14 AM)rajkosto Wrote: [ -> ]have you even read whats on the front page ?

ehm... i log in with my normal username and pw of this site than i retry with soe account but nothing... "autenticating... failure (ERROR)" so what can i do?

ok i resolved it now i'm on ^^
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