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Full Version: Weird mouse issue in-game.
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I logged in game for first time, i wasnt know what to do so i open up my EQ i found shirt, so i want to wear it. I clicked left button and " watch icon" appeared, i cant do anything and click anything.
Help me!
Inventory doesn't work at the moment. If you want to deck your character out, you have to login from the main page, click your name and then you can add clothing to your character from that.

Just a side note, you may want to read the FAQ at this time. The wolves will be loose in a moment, and you are not safe - not having read that important document.
The FAQ is the first thread in almost every section of the forum. It's marked READ HERE FIRST in capital letters. Here's a direct link:
Or just tune out untill you get an email saying inventory works
How do you get rid of mouse watch icon? If you interact with inventory the mouse stops working completely Sad
gotta jack out and in to fix i think
Yes, if you interact with anything that doesn't work (see the FAQ and the guide for dummies on this and other important stuff on getting started), the client waits forever for a response it'll never get, and you have to just close it and start back up.