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Full Version: Anita testing server
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(28-03-2010, 01:39 PM)Jack Pipsam Wrote: [ -> ]so i am taking that a working server is online

yes it is. limited funcitonality but you can jack in and see and interact with others. regards, T
I tried to connect to this server earlier.. said it was unavailable. Is it still up?
Yeah , tried jacking in myself, no go.
How do I jack in?
[quote='rajkosto' pid='8516' dateline='1271797415']
The test server is currently closed.
Get the source, compile, and run your own.
Hi All
Im new in here.
I set up everything with the client, and i can play alone, but i would like to play online with another players.
The Testing Server is an online server or not?
How can i play, what i have to do?

Sorry, but you can't... Server closed now...
And later?
When will the server online again?
Yes, you can if server will be online... But now server off Sad
I can't wait.... i want to play again online Big GrinBig Grin
When will the server online again?

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