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Full Version: This will never, ever work
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Hey, all! New user here. Well, not entirely new- I made an account a while back, and am just coming back to see how the development for it has gone. So far, based on what I'm seeing- no me gusta. I missed out on this game back when it was Live with SoE, so I'm a little >ugh< that I never got to be in the actual game. I have so much respect for the entities that are working on this title, and I really wish them nothing but the best. I will continue to watch the development, but I have to tell you, they will never do anything meaningful with this- aside from giving you a place to chat and dance.

I have been reading the forums for quite sometime. As I said, I had been registered for a few years now, under a different account. And after reading through an isht-ton of posts, both recent and quasi-recent, I have came to one conclusion: this will never work. Two reasons: 1.- there's only so many people that can extrapolate the code and make it something meaningful (which, in it's current state, is not- it's in the same state it was in when I first observed it a few years back, albeit with a few emotes added) and B.- the community. I have seen nothing but nudnick responses to questions on here. Not even nudnick- flat out disrespectful.

Some people are just SO excited to get into this game, whether they played it before or, like myself, didn't get a chance to. And with this site being so dated, it SHOULD be easy to understand why some people would be confused as to what is going on here.

Instead, I see nothing but just flat out sad responses to newcomers, only further making it less inviting then it already is.

When asked if the game is dead, the answer is, "Yes, yes it is". Okay, we know that. I think in terms of "dead", by this poor emu's standpoint, they mean do people still log in and explore/rp/dance. If the answer is still, "Yes, yes it is", then take this damn forum down and kill the emu, please. It makes no sense to leave it up, other than to be the one to say, "Yeah, I'm doing the Matrix Online Emu" when, really, nothing of substance, nor "milestone", is actually being achieved. A classic case of a false sense of superiority.

Another one- simple question regarding character creation, as well as seeing the clothing options. "For Fuck's Sake" being the response from the guy running this hackjob of a forum is just... shows lack of humanity, really. I understand you probably get tons of the same questions asked over and over. There is no such thing as a stupid question- just literally stupid people that answer them. And to answer with "For Fuck's Sake" is about the bottom of the stoopid barrel as you can get. Well played.

Another one- "Move on and play another game. There are better than MxO was". Then what the fuck are people still working on this for? Is it even, honestly, still being worked on? Because, if not, I cannot, in any light, find why this is still open, the emu able to be downloaded... especially when you treat what little following you have like they're the assholes for wanting to play this, and ask questions about it.

Bonus- yeah, SOE sucks. No way around that. At least they got this piece off the ground and running, and where able to make it clear as to what people were doing, how to handle FAQ, etc. etc. There is nothing good here. Between nothing ever being done to this emu, as well as the people in it being assholes to the newcomers, this will never, ever work. I have to imagine this is more of an ego thing, honestly. I advise everyone to stay away from this sinking ship- it'll sink a lot faster the more people come to it.

I cannot believe this is still up with nothing meaningful being added. Again, I am aware it is only a sole person working on a sole project. I just can't wrap my head around why said person would be such a jerk to people that want to support his work, as well as keep other jerks around to speak for him when he's not around. "Security Question: What company bought Matrix Online and ran it into the ground?" ER MUH GAWD, does that sound so bitter- whadda queen!.... tsk tsk tsk.

TL;DR- I'm sad I didn't get a chance to try MxO when it was a real thing. I have to imagine the reason why it went the way of the water buffalo was because only the type of nudnicks I see here in the forum were the only ones logging in. Couple that with shoddy gameplay mechanics, and you have a recipe for a game that does not deserve to be around. Just bury this project. And if you can't, show some damned respect to the people that are willing to support you in your endeavor.
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Thank you for your insightful take on the subject.
OK. 1) If you see NO differences from a few years back, you haven't looked. 2) It has been mentioned many times that the codebase that runs the current server is OBSOLETE AND CANNOT BE FIXED, so using what has been learned from the first time around plus reverse engineering the client instead of just relying on captured packets and guesswork, a new codebase has been started from scratch so it's possible for the server to work like the real thing. Rajko (the ONLY person who knows this well enough to make it happen). 3) Rajko, the only one with the capacity and dedication to make this happen is extremely busy in real life, and puts whatever time he has into developing tools and the codebase for the new release of the server. Since free time is minimal, there can be no ETA.

Complaining and claiming that it can never be done and will never work just demonstrates that you have no idea how massive and complex an undertaking it is to rebuild an MMO server of this magnitude. The best thing to do if you have no idea what you're talking about is to say nothing, be grateful for what's there, and wait patiently for however long it takes. If you spent thousands of hours over years and years bringing back a game that there's NO leaked/related server code available for, and also had little to no interest or playerbase when it was live except for the few die-hards here, how sick do you think you'd be of hearing ungrateful gimme-gimme's bitching and whining that you're not working hard enough for them? Because after all, you like the game so he owes you, right?
2014 is the year of doubt for this emu
First off thanks for your opinion....
We ARE a tight knit community of the most fucked up, dysphunctional kind!!
Tin Cans, Cave Monkeys and us Mervs might fight, bicker and bitch but we do have a common love for this game and the Lore with it.
I for one am just happy to be able to Jack in to Mega City at all!!!
If one day I can, oh say /sneak up on some red and give him the /punt!! I will be overjoyed. if not. at least i can still give him the ol /suckitdown!!
If it takes a year, 2 or more. i'll still follow and support this project!!
for all you NaySayers!! Go play WoW or LoL or something. K'thanx bye

DM for Life!!
Hilarious that someone would make an account to tell us he has decided the EMU must be taken down and everyone is a jerk! I literally lol'd.

Well shoot, it you don't like it, we MUST shut down! And apologize for being mean.

Beat it limey.
I'll just be here doing
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Rather than venting on the forums about lack of progress, why don't you start reverse engineering the game and building the emu yourself? If you think the staff are assholes, don't talk to them. If you think internet is a civil place, you are too naive and should probably get a reality check.

If you are concerned about newbies and how mean they are treated, why don't you volunteer your time and answer newbie questions with what information you already know. There are posts about what has been completed. There is FAQ. There is a chat where you can lurk to hear rumours of the latest update. Most newbies I see, will come in, not read anything including the front page, ask a question and then won't even bother to come back and read the answer. Other newbies are worse, they assume things about the project and people working on them without having facts or doing any research on their end, then they end up with disappointment because their assumption do not line up with reality, sound familiar?

If you think progress is slow, try coding an emulator from scratch and then see how long it takes. Try to reverse engineer mxo client and figure out what does what. Fuck try to reverse engineer calc.exe just to see how simple reverse engineering is. Try spending hours on research on how to design a good network architecture. Also try having a life on top of all of that, and see how much time you can really contribute to a hobby project, then come back and talk about progress.

Sitting on your ass and criticizing shit is not productive.
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