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[Image: Header_zpsf51431ce.jpg]


This Guide will help ANYONE Jack in to the Matrix Online, Create A Character, and learn how to /macro emotes to the hotbar (Such as Fighting moves, FX's, & Becoming InGame Characters Like Morpheus / Oracle / Agents etc...) without knowing much about dev commands. So Follow these Steps from beginning to end if you never logged into MxOEmu before!


Got Questions About MxOEmu!?
They'll Most Likely Already Be Answered in the Forum,
Just Read the FAQ's by QuiDormit
Found here:


Go to
Follow the instructions on the front page to download & install the game!
(Dont Worry... Its just download, extract, install Game. Then Copy Rajkosto's New Patch to the MxO Directory Folder, the Launcher.exe does all the work for you. Dont Forget to Create a Shortcut of the Launcher.exe to Your Desktop for Easy Access!)

[Image: mxoemuinfo_zps835afa22.jpg]

Once Game is Installed & Patched, move on to Step 2.

Register an account!
This is will be the name/password for when you log into BOTH... the Game & site. So Dont Forget it!
(Forum Name/Password is a Separate Account)

[Image: yh6n.jpg]

Click on Login & Sign in with the name/password that you just created...

[Image: hv5c.jpg]

...Next Click on Your Name:

[Image: ihsp.jpg]

...Then Click on the "Create New Character" Button:

[Image: y1qf.jpg]

Fill out your new character's info


First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Anderson
Handle: Neo
Organization: Zion

and then continue.


Now that youve created a character, you can now log into the Game to check if it worked! Login with the same name/password you use on the site.

[Image: krxl.jpg]
Your Character's Name will appear like up above^ Chose your name and click select.

After the game loads you'll see Your Character.
[Image: qsyx.jpg]

Your Character will Now appear above the "Create New Character" Button

[Image: dc3d.jpg]
Click on your character's handle to edit your appearance.

The top half of this can be edited how ever you want.
You can see a Preview of the changes on the Head to the Right of the photo.
[Image: sgi7.jpg]

[Image: p0in.jpg]
The Bottom Half is all about clothes, you have a choice to either copy the default characters clothes below... OR have BOTH the Game & Web Browser on at the same time, so you can edit during gameplay.

Just Edit on the Site,
Click Update Appearance,
Then While playing type: &update into the chat.

But if you want Quick & Easy, just copy the Character information below.
[Image: ayjf.jpg]

This is your Hotbar, this is where your new moves will be.
[Image: nv3a.gif]

This is the Chat
[Image: z288.jpg]

Copy/Paste the Following into the chat to /macro them to the hotbar.
(You only have to do this once & they are in your hotbar to use freely!)
Just Copy off the site, then Paste them into the Chatbox with "Ctrl + Insert"

Fighting Animations

/macro 3kick &playanim 0e3b
/macro combo &playanim 0e3f
/macro smack &playanim 0e3e
/macro Rkick &playanim 04f0
/macro strike &playanim 0a5f
/macro mpunch &playanim 0e37
/macro kicks &playanim 0e39
/macro Jump &playanim 13e0
/macro Flip &playanim 0e3a
/macro pose &playanim 1133

FX Animations

/macro bullet &playfx 60000013
/macro bullet2 &playfx 60000014
/macro glitch &playfx 28000658
/macro Cbomb &playfx 280006f6
/macro Gbomb &playfx de00004f
/macro Ybomb &playfx 0800000c
/macro LVL &playfx 280005b9
/macro Purple &playfx 12463142
/macro Light &playfx 28000a59
/macro Update &update
/macro MaraC &gotopos 170 5 10
/macro UP &incY 5
(Note: to get back down push spacebar)

The /macro's above are only a few FX's & Animations I Chose for the Guide, But there are So Many More You Can Do within the Emu.
But I Can Only Show You The Door... You're the One Who Has to Walk Through It!

&playfx xxxxxxxx (Full List: Click Here! )
[Image: ampplayfxList_zps53ba192d.jpg]

&playanim xxxx (Full List: Click Here! )
[Image: ampplayanim_zps4431ae4f.jpg]

&playaction xx (Full List: Click Here! )
[Image: ampplayactionList_zps83788566.jpg]

Become An InGame Character!
Ever Wanted To Walk the Streets of MegaCity as Morpheus? ...the Oracle? ...Maybe Even an Agent ...or the Merovingian?
[Image: MaskList_zps01fa2a0e.jpg]

Copy/Paste the Following /macro's into the Chatbox Using "Ctrl + Insert"

/macro Morpheus &setmask 04000556
/macro Oracle &setmask 9c00023
/macro Merovingian &setmask 4e000242
/macro Persephone &setmask 900002b2
/macro Twin &setmask 4e00012c
/macro Seraph &setmask 58000192
/macro Assassin &setmask 040002b8
/macro Naobi &setmask 400007b1
/macro Architect &setmask 0800044c
/macro Cryptos &setmask 4e0002e4
/macro Agent &setmask 4e000036
/macro AgentGray &setmask 9000009b
/macro AgentPace &setmask 4e000237
/macro General &setmask 4e000094
/macro Kid &setmask 04000562
/macro Shimada &setmask 04000565
/macro Sati &setmask 9c00026c
/macro Ookami &setmask bc000a2f
/macro Trainman &setmask 040004ad
/macro Anome &setmask 580006dd

Wait... Theirs More! Read bitbomb's Instructions for &setmask RSI Mask List,
You'll get More InGame Characters / Alternate Attires for Most!

[Image: wln9.jpg]
The Game is incomplete, So if you touch any of the following the game will Glitch & Freeze. If that does happen, the only thing to do is Close the Game and Restart.

1. Mission - You can call them but nothing will happen
2. Actions - you can hover your mouse over them to read info, but DONT CLICK
3. Inventory - you can hover your mouse over them to read info, but DONT CLICK
4. Loading Clock - If you see this Clock, You are stuck in loading. Close game Restart.

[Image: h2e.gif] DONT TOUCH ANY MENUS ... and you'll be Fine.

Feel Free To Explore the Hardlines Though!
Fast Travel MegaCity Via Any PhoneBooth!
Dont Worry About Getting lost, just use this macro to Teleport back to Mara Central:

/macro MaraC &gotopos 170 5 10

>Everything that Has A Beginning Has An End.




-Connection Lost.
thx u nice men
i likey
Very informative.
looks like some more items I did not know.
I need to find my list of white rooms.
Yeah dude, should definitely post them here. There was a list on another forum but they're gone now unfortunately. I had a list on another computer but that too is gone. Data decay dude.

NECRO EDIT: Here's the full collection of teleport-only areas like white halls, org areas, etc. Added stuff from MajorTom's post below.
Zion Org coordinates in Richland
2107 -8 -789
2079 -8 -770 Dojo
2095 -8 -1200

Merv in International
1179 39 555 hot tube

Override mission area Downtown
2111 638 1457

Tut. Train: 70 3 -110
Tut. Dojo: 58 -10 -108
Tut. White room: 71 40 -157
fireplace room -229.0 3.0 -162.0
women in red room 39 5 -164

Hel Club
-289.0 -5.0 -42.0

Richland place of interest:
Mara Central X: 169.0 Y: 5.0 Z: 28.0
Top of monument in Mara central x:230.0 y:23.0 z:80.0
In Mara Church Sister Margaret x:191.0 y:5.0 z:121.0
Uriah Basement of building Mercury x:-50.0 y:-15.0 z:271.0
Kedemoth In Club Duality Argon x:586.0 y:181.0 z:-913.0
Dannah Heights Basement Digger x:333.0 y:-2.9 z:-1006.0
Camon Heights Basement Silver x:1006.0 y:-16.9 z:-517.0
Apollyon In Jacobs Ladder Raini x:581.0 y:1.0 z:-1714.0
Achan 8th Floor Yttri x:607.0 y:27.0 z:-38.0

Gracy Heights fight club NO NEO BODY! x:-915.0 y:-6.9 z:-1644.0
Guiness Lake Club Dante Indigo x:-798.0 y:-6.9 z:-989.0
Lucero Point Club Lynchpin Mandarin x:-231.0 y:-6.9 z:-285.0
Rogers Way Club Kaos Amber x:-548.0 y:-12.9 z:-633.0
Sobra Shore Club Daemon Violet x:-210.0 y:-2.9 z:-1253.0
Stamos Club Succubus Grisaille x:-676.0 y:-6.9 z:156.0

White Rooms:
x:2036.0 y:1.0 z:-1723.0
x:2036.0 y:1.0 z:-1763.0
x:2036.0 y:1.0 z:-1803.0
x:2036.0 y:1.0 z:-1843.0

x:2116.0 y:1.0 z:-1723.0
x:2116.0 y:1.0 z:-1763.0
x:2116.0 y:1.0 z:-1803.0
x:2116.0 y:1.0 z:-1843.0

x:2156.0 y:1.0 z:-1762.0
x:2156.0 y:1.0 z:-1723.0
x:2156.0 y:1.0 z:-1803.0
x:2156.0 y:1.0 z:-1843.0

x:2111 y:-8 z:1620

Machine Stronghold
-location Downtown
five type of layouts of the Stronghold I have found
-2254 1 -158
-2271 1 99
-2274 1 349
-2261 1 608
-2278 1 842
Nice, renewed interest in exploration now.
I'm gonna have to jump in today and poke around. Thanks for the info!
Just wanted to post these links here:
Animation list:
FX List:
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