The Matrix Online Server Emulator

Full Version: The file client.dll could not be setup properly.
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As the subject addresses, I am unable to get past the 'Create' button on the launcher when you're confronted with the server list.

I have tried every possible compatibility combination, and nothing works.

My graphics card is relatively old, and it's a Radeon, which MxO was primarily built to function on, so I'm pretty sure that isn't it.

Do you guys have a fix? Please and thank you!

PS: See attachments for deets and helpful info <3
Character creation is done on the website, in-game character creation does not work as is stated in the FAQ. Click 'Register' at the top left of and definitely read the FAQ before proceeding. The link is in my signature.
Your CPU, OS, GPU are all fine for MxO, I'd like to see what's actually the problem so I've PM'd you.
I'm also having this issue... But I've created a couple characters on the website and still having the issue...

What else could cause this issue?
Do you have a graphics card ?
Intel GMX 3100 chip on board. Obviously not a new computer but better graphics capability than the computer I was running the program on years ago.
So, that's a no. It needs to have PS and VS 3.0, i think that one doesn't have either. Or just maybe needs proper drivers ?
"GMA X3000/X3100 on Windows: T&L and Vertex Shaders 3.0 are supported by Intel's newest 15.6 drivers for Windows Vista as of September 2, 2007."