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Full Version: Information Request
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Greetings to everyone and a special thank you to those who have helped develop. I have spent quite some time looking over these forums, about a couple of days now and I have also taken steps to install and setup the game, create a character and all works beautifully.

However there in lies the my dilemma. Like all of you I seek a fully operational game and while that might be difficult or near impossible to do, I was hoping that in the last few years, someone, somewhere on this forum could maybe answer some of my questions below:

1. The current game you have for launch, has their been any development past its current state, in the pipeline by anyone and if so where are they currently?

2. Is there an operational server online somewhere where you can play, missions, level ect.. and if so where and how do I obtain access/downloads ect..

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the matter as I have a bunch of friends who would like to play it again and are eager to do so asap, not to mention myself.

I myself played from Beta days if your wondering who I am, I worked with the devs and Liaisons during events and I ran one of the largest guilds back in the good old days. So its not just some random person asking these questions. I really want to jack in, if just one more time to remanise. Like the movie, the game was way ahead of its time and as a gamer, I long for MXO's return.

Thank you in advance for your answers.
You're registered, so you will get a beta email invite for the UE4 version whenever that happens.
great Smile !

we wait

pr0x! Good to see you again man! ya boy Zaraz here.