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Full Version: Discord server
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**EDIT:** Link updated!

I created an MxO Discord server as a test to see if there would be any interest. If you're unfamiliar, Discord is a combination text/voice chat client that is gaining a ton of traction across all kinds of communities.

You can access the server through the web client, or download the desktop/mobile versions. All versions offer the same functionality, but you will need the desktop/mobile clients to use push-to-talk while using voice chat.

There are multiple text channels for the various organizations and servers. And for now there is one "Jacked In" channel for active voice chat.

It's free and super simple to use. Feel free to pop in, take a look around, and shoot the shit with old friends. Share the link with others who might not check these forums very often.

Bumping this since the server has gotten more active over the last few months. I'm in the process of adding custom emojis and you can sport your chosen org colors.

If you guys have any suggestions for the server, let me know!
Hey! Just jacked in. Wanted to say thank you.
I'm on discord as Vesuveus. Hmu
Bumping this thread, so people can find it more easily and join us there.