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Full Version: White Halls, Org Areas, and Other Stuff You Can't Walk To - The Collection
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(15-09-2016, 01:11 PM)bitbomb Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah the detention rooms don't quite look like the room Smith interrogates Neo, but you'll find those in each district. There are instances of the first time you see the Construct in the original Matrix, the two red leather chairs and the TV, that's in the Tutorial district. Definitely worth checking out. If you don't have the game anymore it's available on the front page (the giant .7z file).

Sorry did not reply back, Been so busy. I still have the game, I may just keep it on the back up drive for now as I don't have any space for it at this time. Might still be able to run it from there.

But will DL again if problems arises.
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