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Full Version: Server Setup Help
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Hello Ever one been a long time sins ive played this back in the day.

will i came accross this web site to find the servers where open again.
it was more exciting when they packet collected the resident evil outbrack server on ps2 in japen can remade the server for free.

but ill stop droning on sorry...

my main reason for being in this section of the forum is....

i used to run 3 Dedicated server for Halo CE on pc back in the day when halo 2 on xbox hit the scene. and a couple of other games. Dayz for e.g and ive always been able to figure out how to setup server but this is a head scracher.

can anyone help or if they have the files already set up send me a link so i can look at them and brake then down so i can see what i'm doing wrong.

would like to run a public server for this. justb to twick it and see what i can do

thanks AirysDark

sorry for english been awake for to long figuring this out lol