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Full Version: Custom Matrix PS4? Not Impossible... Inevitable!
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So ive been busy working on my Custom Matrix Coded PS4 and am going with an Agent Smith theme.
[Image: IMG_19800105_160800_zpswohhvh7l.jpg]

I got a Spoon that looks pretty close to the one in the movie and bent it around the front end of the system:
[Image: 2_zpsx6vaxduu.jpg]
[Image: 1_zps0bcy1qhg.jpg]
^The Spoon fits Perfectly between the USB ports!

Ive Also Added a Coded Agent Smith Variant from the McFarlane series 1 figures:
[Image: agent%20smith%20fan%20pills_zpsogxbljol.jpg]
i cut a hole in the middle of the filter then Attached a Red & Blue pill to the center of the fan!
[Image: agent%20smith%20fan%20pills%201_zps7imfihz8.jpg]

the LEDs on the Fan Light up green making the Matrix code on Agent Smith Glow
[Image: agent%20smith%20fan%20pills%203_zpsrkfhdgtn.jpg]
when turned on the LEDs make a downward spiral...
[Image: agent%20smith%20fan%20pills%202_zpsyfrox7wm.jpg]
^the Pills Spin in the center kinda like they are tumbling down the rabbit hole!

the fan helps cool down the rams through these vent holes i made in the PS4's shell:
[Image: vent%20holes_zpse6k1kdeu.jpg]

I then Added a Heat Sink to the top to help cool down the Left Side of the PS4:
[Image: heat%20sink1_zpsm8ezf3hf.jpg]
a mini pc fan usually sits on top of the heat sink, but i moved it to take a picture.
[Image: heat%20sink2_zpsg2cltv38.jpg]
on top of this mini fan is a dust filter as well as Agent Smith's earpiece!
[Image: agent%20smith%20ear%20piece_zps7luomgod.jpg]

on the front right corner, their is a PS4 Logo which is indented into the shell of the system.
[Image: ps4%20logo%20fiber%20optic%20cable_zpsmqaguole.jpg]
^I cut through the logo and linked a Fiber Optic cable to the main light bar which runs across the top of the console.

on the bottom of the system
[Image: vertical%20ps4%20legs%20vent%20spoon_zps2emw1ghh.jpg]

i added legs for better airflow
[Image: ps4%20legs_zpsfa3s1ubi.jpg]

I also added a vent for the built in fan for Direct Airflow, doing this will keep your ps4 from sounding like a jet engine.
The direct airflow gives the fan easier access to cool air, rather than sucking air in through the sides.
[Image: direct%20airflow%20built%20in%20fan_zpso2xgbnza.jpg]
(Ive tested the fans on the ps4 & even through extensive long gaming sessions, the PS4 runs cool as fuck! Normally you can feel the heat of the ps4 which gets pretty hot after a while, but even after hours of play my ps4 stays warm at best. The Built in Fan Plus the 2 additional fans, also the heatsink keep the PS4 Cool! NEVER HOT!)

Finally, I made a Replica of Agent Smith's Bug that he put in Neo's Belly button:
[Image: agent%20bug_zpsx45e4mwj.jpg]

[Image: bug%20spoon%20pills%20smith_zpsd4t7crvu.jpg]
it was a fun Project, if you want to make your own bug check out this Tutorial from a fan made Replica site:

Final Product Cool
[Image: everything%20that%20has%20a%20beginning%...m9olrt.jpg]
Beautiful Smile
Awesome job!
^Thanks! Cool
Btw If anyone wants to get this Matrix code decal for their PS4, it was a custom I had made at

I have a Matrix ScreenSaver i really like, so i screen captured the code a bunch of times and chose the pic i thought looked best. To get the most code out of this pic, I used the top right corner of the Matrix code pic and lined it up with the PS4 stencil of the site. But if you dont have a PS4, Im pretty sure you can use it for any console you want as well.
Holy shit dude that's fucking RAD!!!!