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Full Version: where's everyone?
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I think he was asking about some kind of editor software or something, 'software used to make some changes in the game.' Those tools have been in some mystery vault since mixo shut down, never to see the light of day again (if they even still exist).
This needs to get going
I just came across this project and never really got to play more than the opening roof top scene back in the day when I bought matrix online because it ran SO SLOWLY and loaded so slowly on my pc at the time and I was always kinda pissed I never got playing it back in the day.
Then I was kinda shocked when watching this video
to find it actually had a bit of a open world that I knew NOTHING about even though I did actually own and played a very short amount of it
Actually thought it did so bad at the time that no one would've created a hack to bring it online even in a solo system I was glad to find out I was wrong
If this project is dead kinda like my Doom Reborn project I hope it gets a release to keep it running in a offline system at least.
Thanks to the creator for the work they have done and I can't wait till tomorrow after work to give this a go Smile
Wake up, Neo!
and don't forget to follow the white rabbit
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