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Full Version: Theory about Matrix inside Matrix
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What if the "real" world (Zion but also everything happening in it before/after like in animatrix etc) was actually the real matrix, a question that's been going on for a long time now.

As a network engineer this makes much more sense for me. The way most people think (with realworld/matrix theory), you can compare the matrix with a local network, and the real world with the internet aka everything outside your network.

But what if the machines thought of this and added an extra layer of security like all real-life companies do, meaning the real world (zion etc) is a fake real world but replicated from the actual real events that happened outside. This way we could have the following situation that most companies or public places have (hospitals, airports etc• Internet/outside local network: the actual real (machine) world.

• Local (company) network for employees: the fake real world (Zion, machine world etc) aka real matrix.

• Guest network (inside local network, mostly seperate VLAN) for visitors: the matrix inside the real matrix

This would also explain some of the things like Neo being able to zap those sentinals in the (fake) real world, aka the real matrix
Neo could 'zap' that sentinel because he was now connected to the Machine network. That's how he could see when he was blinded, anything connected to the machine network would be visible to him. But the question whether there's a matrix within a matrix will always be debated. Personally I'm not a subscriber to that one. Since he was engineered by the Machines, it stands to reason he might have brain wifi upgrades, who knows. That's the theory anyway.
The Matrix inside a Matrix Theory is invalid:
Nice video dude. Very concise, and well put together. What's the context of the 'escape theory' term? Also, the background music is cool, is that yours?
Yes, Thank you for checking it out & commenting it is always appreciated! So I put the link to the Film Theorist video in the description, but the title to that video is "The Matrix has no escape" which turns out that was the primary reason why the Matrix inside a Matrix theory got so popular on the internet. Apparently it was a reddit thing like 3 years ago. I was completely unplugged at the time, but I plug back into the internet and everywhere I go I see "Smith is the One", "The Matrix has no escape", and I'm like wtf movie were they watching. So I went to look for all my old posts on the Matrix online forums, because I know we talked about all of those movie topics in great detail with a great variety of perspectives and I saw everything was gone. I mean it was up for awhile after they shut the game off, but when I realized all those posts were gone and see the bombardment of bad Matrix references I decided to just start unpacking it all again, all over again. Battery problem is next I think. So many different things to go over still.
Well the game was kinda supposed to go into the "machines dont really need humans" concept a bit before the whole oligarch thing happened
I read through the link here that had the cinematic and mission summaries, but I should go over them again. I'll probably lean on the Animatrix more in the video, but that is a legit reference, The Matrix Online is canon. So few have any point of relation to Mxo or the continued story line.

Digging around it seems like there was a bit of controversy around the Oligarch story line. Do you remember if that was one of Chadwick's final plot lines?

The Architect says himself in the films, "There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept."

There's no reason to believe they couldn't survive without humans.

But in that Matrix has no escape video, they show a futurama clip about the whole thermal/fusion issue, saying that it would take more energy to keep people alive than the power they make. I used to wonder why so many people claimed this was such an offensive "plot hole" in a science fiction film, but now it makes sense, the complaint isn't from an under employed science community, just a popular futurama fan base. The technology is actually not that far fetched today. What I haven't figured out, is why people refer to it as some sort of nuclear process. My best guess is that Morpheus uses the word "fusion", but fusion is not a concept limited to Nuclear fusion. Back to work I go
When Rarebit first left Mxo, he had forums on the website for his webcominc

Those forums have since been retired, sadly, but if you asked him a question about Mxo, he would answer. I bothered him often about Mxo, he was very forthcoming with answers about it.

In that forum he talked about the W bros (or whatever now) set up the "humans as power" device to represent that there was a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology.

So while we all read into the details of the storyline and come up with our own versions of how power was derived from humans, that wasnt the important part to the W bros.

Representing that humans became so dependent on machines (remember this movie came out when the internet was just starting to boom and many people did not understand the online world ) that they couldnt live without them, and machines have no life (value) without humans, was the point.

Its fun to think about the other stuff, but we are really just making it up, and was never intended.
I wanna make stuff up tho. KEEP YOUR HATE SPEECH OFF THIS CAMPUS!
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