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Full Version: Cinematics 10.1 -11.2
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It seems like there is a cinematic gap between Chapter 9 & 11 not just in this emulator but the entire internet? Does anybody know why they are missing?
They weren't made.
Appreciate the reply. When you say they weren't made, do you mean in the original MXO or just here in the emulator? At this stage of the game, I'm just trying to verify what is real & what is fake:

That post has dialogue for those cinematics, but then again, I have also seen an IGN post of the Matrix "Script" that is clearly someone just making things up and posting it like it is an official leak. The fan sites are mostly saturated with second hand information as well. It appears that this is one of the last places that actually has done the proper research on how things went down. It was 10 years ago, so I can't say I remember how it played out, but any details are also appreciated. When I found that link, I wanted to believe that they got the dialogue from the Original Matrix Online Forum, but I am sure you know, that is no longer there as well as the Official Warner site. It is almost as if there was a purge of official Matrix content at some point...
Those are the actual story summaries released by Rarebit, they just never produced those cinematics.
Thanks for verifying! Cross referencing what's in the emulator with the post and I can at least put the story back together.

Back to work I go...