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Full Version: The Matrix 4 Starts shooting in 2020
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Sources seem pretty legit this time. Doesn't feel shady like the last couple years of this & Terminator was able to get dark fate through a similar rights shell game with Skydance so fairly confident this is happening:
Not sure how I feel about this, mainly because of the likelihood that the events of MxO will be ignored (which I'm sure would make some people happy). Unless it turns out to be a remake that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are going to cameo in. Or it takes place a very long time after the sequels, and they can just make a throwaway "historical" reference to MxO. Too early to tell.

I'll still head to the theaters to see it if it comes out.
I'm positive MxO storyline will be either entirely ignored, or distilled to a few points. In the grand scheme, almost nobody is aware of what happened in MxO. As far as most moviegoers know, The Matrix ended with Revolutions. The comments here are a decent sample of evidence:

I do wonder if they'll include the events of The Matrix Return by Peter Chimera though.
Im so excited about this imagine a new Matrix game is released following this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I almost feel like a new Matrix game has to come if this movie gets released.

As far as the Matrix Online reference, I'm guessing that Morpheus dying in MxO is the explanation for not having Morpheus in Matrix 4, but this is all pure speculation.

I'll say this though, if they announce Larry Fishburne is involved, then I would agree that all Mxo cannon is about to be ignored. I highly doubt, that Michael B Jordan talk materializes though, old script, and I'm sure he will command more cheddar than he is worth at this particular stage in his career. 2 years ago, sure. With Reeves already on the bill, very doubtful. Young Morpheus rumors seem to not fit here at all.

Anyway, the dudes over at Looper pretty much said the exact same thing I did in my video, only a day later & on a bigger channel, but its all the same speculation because we all have the same limited information by design no doubt.
The young Morpheus with Michael B Jordan stuff was from the Zak Penn prequel script, that was a different project altogether, and it seems dead. No news from that in a couple years, just articles republishing really old information.
I'd love even a tiny reference to MxO, or even a situation that leaves some wriggle room for it. But I highly doubt that will happen.

Now, I'm sure the Wachowskis are aware of what happened in the game. They're the ones who gave some basic ideas to Paul Chadwick at the beginning, like the theme of "peace, and the things people do to try and wreck it." I believe Morpheus' death and the Assassin also came from them. And Chadwick once mentioned that he wanted to kill off a character, but the Wachowskis told him not to, which suggested they had some plans for that character. Chadwick never revealed who said character was, though.

As I recall, Rarebit's story outlines were also approved by the Wachowskis. One interview suggested that the Wachowskis did play MxO anonymously, which I'm sure they'd be able to do for free whenever they wanted. And if I were them, I'd have someone at EON keeping an eye on the game.

But the reality of the situation is that MxO hasn't been officially playable for a decade now. And it was full of live events, so if you weren't there then you kind of missed out on a lot.
IF one of the Wachowskis was playing as Sytematica that would by far be the coolest gamer experience I ever had. I just assumed it was a dev playing the Live character but the dialogue at the end of the video was the actual text from the chat:
John Toll has been added to the project as cinematographer. Dude has some great credits under his belt like Vanilla Sky, The Thin Red Line, Tropic Thunder, and Cloud Atlas. Also Jupiter Ascending, so I guess he has a working relationship with Lana Wachowski.

It's probably too much to ask but I hope Chad Stahelski will be involved in some capacity.
Right working relationship & you called it with that Vanilla Sky.... I was JUST thinking about matrix 4 maybe being more like that. Like an afterlife of Neo & Trinity in that "TECH SUPPORT", chem trail, Sati sky painted look.

I really can't wait to see this movie already, but, of course, I don't want it to be rushed. Jupiter felt rushed. There were things I liked about it, things I didn't care for at all though.

Cloud took me a couple visits because it was so long and I kept getting interrupted, but on the 3rd attempt, I finally got thru it and it was incredible. I noticed that Lana is quick to give a lot of credit to Tom Hanks, which does not surprise me at all because of his own track record. Yet I think it speaks to Lana's ultimate ability to collaborate with others artistically.

They are assembling the right crew from the looks of things so far & thank you for the update. I saw a video mentioned this news but you actually gave the article link so thank you.
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