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Full Version: Defunct sites/forums: archives, chances of reconstruction etc.? (In particular TheLas
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TheLastFreeCity went offline somewhere in early 2015 - it was a pretty cool community with a long history, incl. a couple posts by John Gaeta during the Reloaded promo.

Checked WaybackMachine and apparently it's only got the subforum pages saved, but none of the actual threads. Would be unfortunate if it was lost forever - so does anyone know what happened to it and if people managed to archive it or make snapshots etc.?


Another one would of course be the original mirror of the official forum, was it called mxoforums or sth? It went down a few years earlier, don't remember anything said about it being restored or another copy popping up etc. - does anyone know if anything's happened on that front since then?


And yeah if you look at any of the URL lists to various fansites etc. floating out there, an awful lot of them are down as well - kind of a depressing sight tbh, feels a bit like death lol - wonder if the new movie hype is gonna revive things a bit, we'll see I guess.
So true. Though I would say that it's a miracle that anything has survived at all ten years after the demise of a weakly-received game. It's something I've been thinking about researching. There's a French site, I know, which has a lot of content and remains extant. There are a very few guild forums.