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Full Version: White Hallways Accessible From In-game Doorways
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So here is what I was able to find about the White Hallways that are actually accessible through a door in the emulation proper. I had the entrances to 2 documented.

My labeling system used below labels each Hallway WH1 - WH7. WH1 and WH2 are part of the White Hallway complex located in International and WH3 - WH7 are located in Downtown. For the Exits D annotates the Downtown Hallway complex and I annotates the International Hallway complex.

You can tell from the door exits, that this set of White Hallways was built for a specific reason with a specific goal in mind. You are supposed to get to the inaccessible office space and do, fight, find something and then use the hardline to exit.

The entrance to the first White Hallways complex are at Union Hill North, on the second tier of the very tall White Building. The door is located at -2078 121 1429. This White Hallway complex is comprised of 2 White Hallways. The first is a box comprised of 4 boxes. The second is cross shaped.

One door from First White Hallway leads to an inaccessible office building floor which contains a hard line phone. You must get to the hard line phone to exit. This hardline phone leads to one of the possible 7 exit locations.

DEXIT1 Industry Square -256 328 914 rooftop
DEXIT2 Lamar 423 1 19 inside bookstore
DEXIT3 Central Park -1189 213 17 building lobby 22 floor
DEXIT4 Edgewater -2056 -6 -947
DEXIT5 Park East -439 13 205
DEXIT6 Maribeau -536 225 -342
DEXIT7 Creston Heights -1407 19 787

WH1-1 -2102 121 1407 > Exit4
WH1-2 -2092 121 1421 > WH2 Entrance
WH1-3 -2078 121 1429 > Exit2
WH1-4 -2058 121 1433 > Exit1
WH1-5 -2062 121 1395 > Exit3

WH2 Entrance -2060 101 1420
WH2-1 -2096 101 1419 > Inexcessible Office
WH2-2 -2078 101 1403 > Exit7
WH2-3 -2080 101 1437 > Exit6

Inaccessible Office -2098 638 1386
Phone Exit -2111 638 1457 > Random Exit Location

The second is at Shinjuku East at the White Lotus Hotel. The door is located beside the Collector Agate at -39 1 436. This White Hall complex is comprised of 32 separate White Hallways. There are 4 structures that are exact copies of each other, all T-shaped with a serif on each leg. 2 of these structures have 7 copies and 2 have 6 copies. The 5th White Hallway is a square box made of 4 square boxes. There are 6 copies of this structure.

The T-shaped hallways all have 2 operational doors. The box shaped hallways have 3 usable doors.

After checking, then rechecking and finally checking all of the door exits again, I can find no real reason these doorways existed. Unlike the Union Hill White Hallways, none of the doors lead to a unique construct. All doors either send you to another Hallway in the construct or send you to one of 9 exit locations.

Since this White Hallway Complex is so complex, I have attached a spreadsheet of where all doors lead to. The labeling on this spreadsheet is a little different than described above, but it shouldn't take rocket science to figure it out.

Feel free to double-triple check this and add any other doors that access the White Hallways.
I'm updating this with two entrances I found today in International

Ikebukuro (722;-10;3)
Furihata (-387;1;-331)