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Full Version: Monthly MxO community meet-ups
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As we wait, observe and support the progress on the Rajko's mxoemu development, it would be great to have members of MxO community, both veterans from original game and the people who started journey with the game on the emulator, meet together once every while, chill in the game, talk on voice and get to know each other. That being said, everyone who's interested in chilling together at sort of mxo party is invited to meet at discord voice channel at, perhaps log in the game to chill at the club, and just generally have a great time talking about whatever, sharing stories and what not.”

The MxO community meeting / party is by default scheduled for first weekend of each month, Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm PST / 7pm ET / 23:00 UTC. Hope to see you there all! Don't forget to jack into the Radio Free Zion: In-game macros:
/radio addfave RFZ|
/macro RFZ /radio play

[Image: attachment.png]
As the first meet-up is coming this weekend, we are choosing the place. We are considering between three clubs, which are Parralax, Sanguine and Paradise Lost.

Please vote in this poll which one would be the best place to party together.
  • Club Parralax | Richland (Uriah) | &gotopos 4 -7 567
    [Image: 20210601213237_1.jpg]

  • Club Sanguine | Richland (Moriah Projects) | &gotopos 1070 7 -168
    [Image: 20210601213720_1.jpg]

  • Club Paradise Lost | Downtown (Hampton Green) | &gotopos -129 19 -248
    [Image: 20210601214352_1.jpg]
    [Image: 20210601214416_1.jpg]
The first community party was an absolute success! It was going for almost 3 hours and at one point there were 22 people online! It was a blast!
I want to personally thank everyone who showed up, even if it was late or for a short moment. You're all awesome! It was great having you all here!
Special thanks to ManicVelocity & Stack who were streaming the whole thing, and of course Rajko himself for coming and sticking around for as long as he did.
And we can't forget Vesuveus who helped a lot by spreading the word on social medias.
For those who couldn't make it and missed it, check out the stream recording:
And below a few gifs and bunch of screenshots.

[Image: ezgif-6-8f80f6832cd9.gif]

[Image: ezgif-6-2c3d48e966de.gif]

[Image: ezgif-6-b47e4a27fab6.gif]

[Image: ezgif-6-af6a5c8aa113.gif]
[Image: screenshot_67.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_82.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_103.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_123.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_124.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_131.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_133.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_134.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_138.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_141.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_143.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_144.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_145.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_148.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_149.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_152.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_153.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_154.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_158.jpg]
Check out the awesome meetup trailer made by Traxada:
This month's party, even in small numbers, was definitely a blast. Not only because of the very engaged party animals that have been tearing up the dance floor, but also thanks to DJ Ouranos, and his current iteration of Radio Free Zion we got to enjoy together:

[Image: screenshot_181.jpg]

[Image: 72d871a3919c6a9ccddf359850816118.gif]

[Image: 21f10b20f3b66e6bc00e970f59fe6ac5.gif]
Last weekend was an absolute hit! A great bunch of people came in to enjoy the party together, including DJ Ouranos himself once again! Thanks everyone for coming, it was a pleasure having you all here. Smile See you all next month!


[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]


[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
Wow, so cool to find this is still going!! Came here to see if there was any chatter on comms with the impending trailers about to drop.

These still happening?
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