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Full Version: Radio Free Zion
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Your favorite radio from back in the days is making a very late comeback thanks to the community effort!

RFZ is now live 24/7 with many songs inspired by or from The Matrix universe accompanied by jingles and fake ads!
You want to listen to us in-game? Use in-game commands:

/radio addfave RFZ|
/macro RFZ /radio play

Don't forget to join the community parties every first weekend of each month, Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm PST / 6pm ET / 22:00 UTC! Radio Free Zion: Jack in. Crank it up.

[Image: rfz-final-green_1.png][Image: DanceOut.gif]
Sweet! I think RFZ is the reason we have an in-game radio in the first place. They hosted some parties during beta, but at the time we had to have a media player running in the background to listen in. Monolith noticed this and was kind enough to add the in-game radio.

I remember DJ Sundog being interviewed for the MxO magazine, and even getting his name in a critical mission.
Fellow redpills!

The Radio Free Zion radio now has its own website!

It's the very first, original RFZ website design brought back from the abyss and adjusted to our needs.
MxO veterans should be very happy with it, I hope.
Thank you for doing this!

It made the August meetup that much more awesome! Looking forward to the next one!
This is amazing! I love seeing people online more often now and this would def bring more people on!

Thank you for doing this!
[Image: e1a4f7760b5bc1046d4df47d385fac3da2fc4272.png]

Radio Free Zion management has been released into the hands of the community as our amazing DJ Ouranos is moving onto his own, more personalized project.
As such, there will be some major changes in RFZ, some of which already came to pass.

The radio has now became a community project, broadcasting 24/7, being hosted on a good dedicated server with proper management tools for DJs, which help with playlist automation and other tasks.
You will now encounter a nice welcome message upon connecting to the radio. It's only a start, as there will be more of this kind of content on RFZ.

The other types of auditory content that we want to introduce next to the music are:
  • Podcasts
  • Live discussions
  • Immersive fake ads
  • Org related themes
    ...and more
The radio is currently maintained by Ninten (an experienced DJ), and myself, with support from Vader and other community members. We want to have as many people involved as possible.
At some point we'll definitely want to set up proper DJ rotation as well to provide unique and diverse content for all of RFZ listeners.

Main course and goal now are to build RFZ with, and, around the mxo community.
While on this topic, we want to very much thank Ouranos, and original creators of RFZ, for paving the road for this community project.

Next to already known RFZ songs and jingles, many new have been added and there will be more.
We'll be working on dedicated party playlists for a better experience.

If you:
- want to propose a song or fakeads/jingles materials;
- want to join us as a DJ;
- have other ideas how to improve the radio;
Send a pm to me or Ninten, or jack into our discord, and let's write a new history together, as a community!

Radio Free Zion website:
RFZ Discord:
Direct link:

Listen in-game:
/radio addfave RFZ|
/macro RFZ /radio play
Radio Free Zion have just got a new domain!
You can now use the new direct link (including macros), although the original one still works,
so if you already added it to your fav list in-game, it will still connect just fine and you don't have to replace it.
This is awesome! Thank you!