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Full Version: Matrix Awakens = potential MxO 2 ?
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If I fear the worst about this upcoming Matrix movie (honestly I don't understand the hype especially from fans from the very beginning), I would be very excited to see a new MMORPG and more when I watched this:

Watch from 7:50 on. MegaCity looks so beautiful with UE5.
It would be a nice surprise if it were to become a reality and potentially, there is always the possibility. But I kinda doubt it'll ever happen. The tech demo is damned impressive though. Makes me wish they'd release it on PC so I could loose myself in the city for hours.
Isn't the tech demo just some cut-scenes with a shooter-on-rails like those arcade games?

I'm happy that Unreal Engine is so powerful that it will preserve every single actor worth keeping (a small list) and resurrect those that have passed (also a small list).

I have my doubts about the new film, mostly because Hollywood is in a very low place ATM. Quality has been replaced with equity. You cannot have both and still be entertaining, the proof is in every single reboot, sequel or prequel of the last decade. None have been able to capture the same attention from either old or new fans like their source material. This weekend as we set foot into a theatre to watch Resurrections, I hope to be entertained and not indoctrinated.
I can tell you now they won't be getting into the same river again. MxO went down quite early due to several factors, such as bad timing and very poor marketing. And now, as the market is oversaturated with various mmos unlike the old times, it would be even harder to push through and make a good game that stands out among the other games of this genre. Matrix games generally seem to be among the niche titles, and as such it's difficult to make a significant profit on them. Another thing is that making a good, profitable game nowadays require tremendous amount of time and resources. Matrix Awakens is a tech demo showing the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 more than anything else. If we'll ever get a new game, it will be most like a singleplayer one. Something open world-ish, if Matrix Awakens would be used as a foundation.