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Full Version: How sick are you of playing other games that don't compare to MxO.
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Weskie is so the anti- MxO player -_-

Anyways yeahI can play Console games ONLY to account for the loss. Metal Gear Online wi what I play (and I mean ALL I PLAY EVER) It helps with the MxO let down buzz.

When MxOE hits the virtual shelves of this forum that will be a great day Smile
I find other games just fine and sometimes more fun. It's funny how you don't miss something until it's gone. If I think about it, I found MxO kinda boring after a while, there was never anything to do. I just liked to know MxO was there live and kick--er well okay limping.

Don't get me wrong, I sure have enjoyed quite a few games and had alot of fun.

But this game is diffenet in so many ways. I mean, its like its own world, theres a heirarchy socially and Organizationally. Certain operatives had alot of influence over others,even though of the lvl cap and everyone having the same abilities at thier dissposal. Some players were treated like Gods, and other shunned or made to feel embarassed for some reason or other. I guess its like that in most MMO's, but this is the Matrix, and it fkn ruled for what it was and is. Small, bvut not too small, and bigger than life, in so many ways. One could do the things dreams are made of, get so immersed into the story that it become so real to you. Feelings and heartache, pain and anger. All felt , and realized amidst a beutiful setting of awesome skylines, and dreadful slums.

There are no "great distances to travel" as everything was a hardline away.


And the Partys. Shit, Im a fkn Rock Star tattooist in the real, and Ive had some of the most craziest fun at Parties Inside the Matrix. Im serious, some crazy shit has gone down over the years. Its also cool to know that the guy or gal next to you is gettin hammered in the real same as you.

FOR WESKIE-------> Yeah , it got boring at times, if you were the ones sitting at Mara C for hours on end, having maybe one meaningful conversation a day whilst waiting for PvP to pop off , but only when you had at least half a Zerg. Perhaps you should have been running archive missions with your Factions helping low and mid lvl ops, hell ,we might have had a few more subscriptions that way.

And last, the clothing. Man, you could wear some badass looking gear in MxO. And change it hella quick with macros for any occasion. I want an Area K jacket for real, I would totally rock QuickSilver gloves in the real if they were, uhh, real. Oh and my Awakening Jacket, the 5 sec buff sucked, but the sholder pads were Madmax pimp.

PS. (YOu can NEVER , I repeat NEVER replace or compare the Roleplaying possibilities of The Matrix. )

(02-02-2010, 08:02 PM)Neopill Wrote: [ -> ]PS. (YOu can NEVER , I repeat NEVER replace or compare the Roleplaying possibilities of The Matrix. )

Everything you said was dead on, so why bother repeating? I totally agree dude.

As for the part I quoted, I can't even begin to explain how dead on this was. I mean, first of all, you didn't have to make up weird shit to explain how everyone could talk across extreme distances, we all had phones. We didn't have to explain away the fact that we could jump up and over fucking buildings. Everything made so much sense. It wasn't some fantasy "magic" or something, it was all technological.

Anything (of course within reason) you can come up with can become reality as long as you tie it in to the technology aspect to explain it (and there are exceptions to this, too!)

There's something about the Matrix Universe that makes nearly anything possible. (Yeah, some of the RP was just plain BAD though -- I mean, IRL vampires? Meh, not my cup o' joe)

I consider myself a decent writer, and nothing has inspired me to write backgrounds and in depth stories for my characters like MxO has.

Besides, who the hell WOULDN'T want to exist in the world that we became so attached to in the movies?

/deep breath
//rant over
///wipes tear
cool story bros lol
What Neopill said nailed it. For all those reasons I'm missing MxO and finding no other online game compares. But also because they don't give me my matrix fix. The only thing doing that is the roleplays with my faction, amen for them! Role on the emu.
(02-02-2010, 08:36 PM)Gerik Wrote: [ -> ]cool story bros lol

lol I had an alt in your faction but didn't have time to keep up w/ it.
(02-02-2010, 09:29 PM)QuiDormit Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-02-2010, 08:36 PM)Gerik Wrote: [ -> ]cool story bros lol

lol I had an alt in your faction but didn't have time to keep up w/ it.

I know, don't you remember?
I agree with Neopill 100%!!
Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-MxO. For the most part it was boring because of the lack of love it was given from SOE. Like honestly, any MMO would of it was treated like how MxO was. It's sad it never got given the chance, but I guess that's what happens when you got blind-arsed monkies running something, aka SOE. They're just like some big money sucking Mass Effect Collector, and seem to forget what the game(s) are actually meant to be.
im playing GTA4 how awsome it would be with hyper jump and kung fu!!!
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