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Full Version: How sick are you of playing other games that don't compare to MxO.
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I've been playing Warhammer Online for the past 2 years. It has not been the best replacement for MXO. I have a level 80 Chosen named Maccloud on the Badlands server, Chosen are "tanks" with lots of armor and 80 is the highests level of charactor. It is a siege game and does not have a system for dueling. It's usually a gank or zerg fest with one guy being killed by whole warbands. So, in otherwords no fair fights.

I miss the /hug, /slap /dance commands of MXO /cry.

If anyone is wondering... I am the Atomicus from Syntax. I can feel my RSI again.
i too would have to agree with most on this topic.. i joined Mxo in 2006 and really loved the game due to admitation of the films etc.. loved hanging around and just talking dancing and pvp duels etc etc..

i have played beta for several games such as fallen earth .. grr
star trek beta .. more grrrr and champions online .. mor more grrr

i am currently hanging in COH but it is not the same.. there were a few from MXO there for a while but there is no comparision

I miss MXO and love the oppotunity to hang there in the EMU

be good to see any of the guys from MXO real game there

Happy new year by the way lol

All I can say is +1, I too miss mxo.

I've tried other MMOs, STO/SWTOR - but they haven't been the same.
Sure, they're a different universe entirely - but that's not what I mean.

In MXO, it wasn't just about the fighting, it wasn't just about who had the best gear or whatever, it was about all of us being together, even different factions/allegiances - we were all red pills, whatever else, we had that in common.

Some parts of MXO were graphically very nice, some of the views were good, other parts - not so much - but that didn't matter.

We didn't demand perfection, the whole thing just screamed 'matrix from the movies', that wasn't perfect, it wasn't meant to be.

It wasn't until I sat and watched the matrix trilogy recently that I realised just how much I was missing it, it's like the first time you experience something truely epic in your life - you know you will experience it again, but it just can't match how it did that first time.

For me, that's MXO vs all other MMOs out there. They may be graphically superior, they may have less bugs, better sound - but they don't have the feel of MXO, the environment, the community (both good and bad parts of that), the fact that one day you could be helping out faction members and the next you are beating down the 0-1 Taskmaster because he called your faction mate a n00b (any reason was good enough for a 0-1 taskmaster beating) Smile

It's been said before, but thank you to everyone involved with the emulator, for bringing back some of the MXO feelings I've missed and lost for so very long.

Now if we could all have a giant party or 2 like we used to in MXO, that'd be pretty cool Smile
Wow great to see someone around from MCDOE!! (I was in that faction on Recursion, MEGAFORCE).

And Agreed on all points. But it totally was the genuine awesomeness of the community that made MxO so great. Its really what i miss the most.

And PvP and LET and player made events (thank you Tasteewheat, GamiSB and Espi for some of the best).
Sorry to bump a 3 year old thread. But I see the oldest post was 2 weeks ago.
Months ago.

I always hate dieng in games, with death effect.
city of heros the damn xp debt I forget what it was turned me off.
Guildwars felt slow. Same for aion. Too hard to double screen it.
I miss mutli-clienting alt+tab+tab click farming the Giant destroyer fly swarm guy. Corruptor! That was it.

Maybe I liked it was because Mxo was simple and responsive. The speed and response of moving around with wasd. Seeing somebody macro knife throws to do the straight white line. The Hyper jump response. Being able to actually jump in a game! It had point click and wasd controls.

During coh, gw and aion runs, moonlighting the call of duty franchise until I found a pack of people to play with in hardcore tdm. I think it was the persistence of people in the game. Logging into mara and always seeing somebody there.

Playing diablo3 currently. You can't pick what channel you want to get into AFAIK.
Only 4 players in one game. Never seemed like a group game. Sometimes you feel like you are the only one playing it.

You can't just walk by and see people pvp'ing. No jump in or roaming factor.
Passing somebody doing missions in the same area as you. Fighting over luggies.
Having somebody give you hj beta. Getting tree complete.

I know there are a few games that you can level up gems or abilities and sell them. Like in mxo you could level up abilities and sell them to people.
The people truly made MxO what it was. I greatly miss the community, there were so many creative, talented and intelligent people part of it. I've too tried other MMOS, SW:TOR mostly and I feel like I get more enjoyment finding a stick outside and beating it against a tree. Sith side missions are more fun when you play with someone but still... meh.
Yeah. Jay and I ran a couple of Sithy's up to level 25 or so and did every single mission possible together. We ran out of steam, I got busy, and that was the end of TOR for me.
(17-01-2013, 01:34 AM)Neopill Wrote: [ -> ]Wow great to see someone around from MCDOE!! (I was in that faction on Recursion, MEGAFORCE).

And Agreed on all points. But it totally was the genuine awesomeness of the community that made MxO so great. Its really what i miss the most.

And PvP and LET and player made events (thank you Tasteewheat, GamiSB and Espi for some of the best).

MxO was my first MMO. I remember being on Linenoise and first meeting GamiSB at launch. We RP'd a shit ton and leveled together. My name was Grenjher I think. I didn't even realize he became a central figure before I quit back then.
there can not be any replacement..
I have beta and launched two other MMOs
and notice they tried to add stuff like we had but its just not the same.
TSW is nice a lot of people and customizing of RSI's but nothing will be MXO but MXO.

I watched TRON uprising and the whole time thinking this would be the only thing close to the MXO if they made it a MMO.

funny TRON was the first Matrix
Can't remember if I ever posted in this thread. Probably not. But since it got Jesus'ed I'll chip in.
Big Grin

What made MxO the best MMO I've ever played... hmm.
Okay. Here we go...

It was the epic roleplaying on Linenoise and then Syntax.
It was all the people I met and friends I made in all organizations.
It was the battles and struggles, with people I knew, in Live Events.
It was the crazy people just like me doing crazy things like crashing the CSR's White Room just to party on New Years Eve in 2005.
It was building a real (fictional) history that all of us were a part of.
I can't even begin to list all the people I respected and called friend in the Matrix.

We are all part of the history of the Matrix, literally, thanks to MxO.

I could no longer bear to watch it die slowly in SOE's hands and that is my only regret.

How can any other game compare to that?

A bit dramatic but it is my opinion.
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