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Full Version: How sick are you of playing other games that don't compare to MxO.
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Wow. Countless beta's before and after MXO.
The Era the game took place in is what drew me into the matrix (with help from the movies) the possibilities. Of course initial hype of how you could code anything .. Good and bad MXO was a lot like UO were everyone was the player intermix there was no hidden lands where sides could be with there own kind for 50 levels Besides player decided Areas to be "PVP" or "Machine" or "Merv" So there was no hiding.. well not really anyway . So the overall game give my the sense of UO .. I never was fantasy gamer.. I Pretty grit my teeth at every MMO is swords and spells.. and the Scifi ones are you stuck in a ship . MXO broke through that. So that got me in.. Then after SOE what kept me were the people I met .. Good and Bad.

Biggest problem with new games.. Side A, B or A, B, C.. Are hidden away from each other.. and you only meet on pvp maps or during raids .. No chance to really build that Hero/Villian Syndrome .. you know a hero to one is a villain to another..
Guild Wars 2 keeps me preoccupied until this game comes back.
the community and game play in the Secret World has me jacking in regularly, not cyber punk but accpetable
(20-05-2014, 08:54 PM)telemancer Wrote: [ -> ]the community and game play in the Secret World has me jacking in regularly, not cyber punk but accpetable

This....I was playing TSW for a while. Tera has my attention these days. About the only good thing that came out of MxO shutting down, is I finally buckeled down and learned how to play guitar.
Honestly this was the only MMO I ever even had an interest in. I tried out other ones, including ones based on stuff I like (such as a Digimon one that I actually got kinda hyped about) but they just did nothing for me.

I don't know what it is but I love everything about MXO. I love the world, I love the characters, I love the music, I love the Matrix elements. I didn't even get to play it in it's original run. I watched someone else play it and enjoyed it vicariously through them on a daily basis.
I remember playing the Digimon Masters Online one, I got bored of it
It was disappointing because I love Digimon and always wanted a Digimon MMO. I used to play Digimon World 3 and have a ball and expected it to be more like that and was sorely disappointed.
Still playing SWTOR, truthfully it's the only thing that gets remotely close to "enjoyable". I recall making this prediction a very long time ago but a small group of people who likely don't post anymore started the forums war that has basically drawn anyone away from the project. When the original EMU project broke into pieces due to creative differecnes or w/e the fuck it was I knew it was the end. Sure enough we have a client that works all doors work* and so do elevators* and HL's but it's still just a big chat room.

Still waiting to win the lottery so I can pay a group of programmers in India to get this thing finished, or maybe offer Rajkosto a years salary so he can finish this thing.

Well Rxu signing out for the moment, hope all is well for everyone still reading.
You think those guys ever did anything ?
Look at their project...
Maybe I should just shut down the test server so that people would stop going 'no progress has been made'
(17-07-2014, 10:32 PM)Rxu Wrote: [ -> ]it's still just a big chat room.

I had no idea.
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