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Full Version: How sick are you of playing other games that don't compare to MxO.
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(07-11-2014, 11:38 PM)Connemara Wrote: [ -> ]You don't say...but still...when there is no one on ever online, its kinda depressing. I'm the only person ever on the server and the one time someone actually was on at the same time, I was afk. Came back and the dude had messaged me and then left.

Maybe if there was more stuff to do, people would stay longer.

Should be a team of people behind this. Like 40 people at least.

You do understand that Rajko keeps this server open, with the server code he wrote, as a courtesy? Its not "the" server code. It's just there for nostalgia reasons, to let us hardcore fans stop in and visit. Its not intended to be playable. People jump in for a megacity fix, hear the sounds, and see the sights.

So, if youre looking for more stuff to do, move along to WoW, SWTOR etc.

If you know anyone that can contribute, tell them to PM Rajkosto. Up till now, we get people that volunteer to help, then disappear.
I just really miss playing is all. I do stop in just to revisit the clubs and places that held some good memories with friends.
Since MXO closed I've dabbled in a few MMO's, but it's not the same and nowadays I don't play MMO's. That may change though once The Division comes out.

The Matrix Online was the only MMO that I played for a length of time (shortly after release to when it closed) and Megacity was like my second home. The combination of the real world setting and the community was immense. Whilst I didn't participate in PVP all that much I really enjoyed exploring, especially Downtown and attending parties as well as DJ'ing on Catzi Radio.

Somewhere down the line I'm sure I'll enjoy another MMO, but none will EVER compare to the love that I had for MXO.

Damn you SOE!!!
Exactly! I had just moved halfway across the states and didn't know anyone. MxO was pretty much the only social life I had at that time. Which I guess looking back is kind of sad, but I met some really nice people there. After a day of work, jacking into MxO was like hanging out with some really awesome guy friends.

I've tried playing WoW, Star Wars The Old Republic and like...none of them are the same. i mean, yeah WoW is fun for a bit but then its boring. Star Wars just got awful once they made it partially free. I'm sure there are other MMO's that are fun games but I miss the people most of all. They were kind of like family to me.
The Matrix Online had a great community and an awesome setting. I've played a lot of MMOs that have come out over the past ten years and nothing can compare to it. Factions were like brotherhoods, like a fraternity, like family almost. Betraying them and joining another was like starting a blood feud and it killed your reputation. It was the first game I played where I actually felt as if the community ran the game the way they wanted. The system had a good number of flaws but everyone managed to work around them or even incorporate them into RP elements that just were awesome.

When I think of back in the days of being a Tetra, it's like reliving the Glory Days of my past. Just to be able to run around downtown and visit the old meeting spots is satisfying in its own right.

I love Sony, but SoE...they are like the evil cousin. They actually stated that they knew how much the community loved the game but didn't care because the game was losing them money. Its too bad they didn't just offer to sell the game to someone else who could pay to keep it running.
Time and time again i find myself reminiscing about MxO. No other game has that effect on me.
I even have a file full of old screenshots that i look over every now and then.

For its time it was a good looking game, it played well (When it didn't lag Tongue) The world and the lore is amazing.
Nothing compares.
I miss stepping out side of my apartment building at the time to go to work and glancing up at the neighboring rooftops for enemy factions. There were none because it was real life, but that's how much I played mx0 at the time, it blended into real life.
oh yes, nothing compares, dial up connection , pitch black room with only the neon city lights and kungfu action glowing through a white 90s monitor played on a shitty white keyboard and mouse... nothing compares Sad
I tried playing today. Don't know if this game is still up and running.?
(22-03-2016, 02:55 AM)Duvina Wrote: [ -> ]I tried playing today. Don't know if this game is still up and running.?

It can be done! It's worth the effort!
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