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Full Version: Caption Contest 01/30/10
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Same rules as the last time, I post a funny picture and you come up with the caption. Our Community Relations personal will judge.

[Image: DSC00104.jpg]
Instead of buying flowers your friend's mother this year, buy her something really special for Mother's Day.
(Obviously I don't count)

"Mothers Day wouldn't be mothers day anymore without these!"
"This Mother's Day, think of your father."
"Wal-Mart's attempt to systematically breed a better customer community."
"Mom, i know you and dad were giggitygi! at that room.. i've found a trojan in the PC".
You guys are funny.
Wait... you're my real mom? f$$k it, lets do it anyway.
"Give your mother the greatest gift this Mothers day; Zero possibility of a second child".
"Because we should all learn from our mistakes."
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