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Full Version: Clone issue - 7 (Ultimate, 64bits)
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Well, technically, you wouldn't need of those info.. Rajko gave me that impression.
Anyway, 1) create a new file with Notepad 2) write those information 3) save the file with .bat extension 4) put the file inside the installation directory of the game.
Attention, you miss 'matrix.exe' at the beginning -- the name of luncher has to be reported.
As I recall, in order to quadruple client and whatnot, you had to make a shortcut to "Copy of launcher.exe" with the -clone parameter.
@Bayamos -- Thank you for your help.
if you use the launcher, the patched exe it makes isnt called matrix.exe or launcher.exe.
@Rajko -- I don't see because you continue to write about your actual patched version of the client...
Bat or not, patch or not, with 64bits no clones start. End. It's not difficult to understand.

I remember that I changed getMSTime64 (to getMSTime32) to run the server on XP.
Now, anyway, downloading your sources again (so, untouched), it's impossible for me to start more clones of clients.

I will try Bayamos's method when I can.

Thanks for your suggestions.
@Rajko -- Ok.. Thanks.
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