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Full Version: Clone issue - 7 (Ultimate, 64bits)
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Hey there!
I have a new computer with 7 Ultimate, 64 bits.
If I try to execute a double instance of the game, system will notice an error.

The *.Bat file is configured properly.
I tried to adapted the luncher for XP compatibility mode, and with ADMIN rights.
Also, I tried to clone the entire client and copy it into a new HD. Anyhow, no results.

Any idea about how to fix the issue once for all?

Thanks for your attention.
Please, I call on somebody to assist me.

Thanks from now for your answers.
(24-09-2010, 12:12 AM)Arcady Wrote: [ -> ]Please, I call on somebody to assist me.

Thanks from now for your answers.

That's odd.

I run Win7 32-bit and do not have this problem.

I have access to a Win7 64-bit at work, maybe on my break tomorrow I can try it, dunno.
what ?
i can run tons of instances just fine
dont run the launcher every time, instead after its done patching, make shortcuts to the resulting exe with your details or whatever, then double click
what .bat file ?
@Rajko -- I have always used a *.bat file. Info inside it are these (example):
matrix.exe -clone -noeula -nopatch -user loluser -pwd lolpass

So, what about *.exe?
Isn't the same thing? I ask.
yeah didnt think about making a new shortcut after main instance is done patching. And yea Qui 32bit i could clone as many as i want, but i built a new rig and its optimized hardware is for 64bit, and of course im taking advantage of it
Big Grin
im having difficulty finding where to put the login info also im using the .msi launcher
@OooRoYooo - Hey there, I would be happy to help you, but this topic is not about that kind of problems. If we start to speak about that, it will be easy to create confusion. I suggest you to open a your own topic and start a new discussion.

Fastly, I can suggest you that if you want to use *.MSI launcher (Rajko's last version, for his server), you will need Rajko to open new account for you and etc. . Also, if you start the *.MSI for the first time, it will update itself. After, press the button to continue (...) The rest will be easy.
auto login^
where to put this?
-clone -noeula -nopatch -user (namehere) -pwd (passhere)
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