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Check your map coordinates. Does your Y axis say 4000 or some where really high? Learn to Tele-port your self, because your like the tenth person to spawn in the sky and be completely clueless about how to get down to the ground.
press space bar
(13-03-2010, 10:46 AM)MajTom Wrote: [ -> ]press space bar

spacebar works

thank you!!!
my down-loader keeps saying something about the client file being damaged or corrupted please help!
Get a download manager.
im using the download manger for winrar and it says something about the file being damaged
Since when does winrar have a browser download manager? lol
i used the firefox download manager first and it took the better part of two days man can you fix the damage on the client file please?
Dunno how to, I can't find a site to re-upload it and I'm not the original poster of the file, sorry.
It's okay lol. Who is the original poster of the file?
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