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i have fdm thats the one that is downloading so slow
then it be your connection pal i dl it last night to check speed and it took 35 min
thanks trainman i fixed the damage using avira
glad to hear it
Hey everyone, I searched the forums and couldn't find a fix to my problem but if there is I'm sorry about this post.

Here it goes: I clicked the link and began the download (a pretty long download at that) and once it was done opened it with 7zip but I always get the same message: "The archive is either in unknown format or broken." I dont know how to get around this, any program I try to open it with gives me a similar message. If there is an easy fix I hope someone can help me and again if this has been touched on I'm sorry to bring it up. Thanks.
Go one page back and you'll see we've been telling people to use a download manager.
That's it.

I'm going to go buy a case of beer, consume said case, and update all of our guides/faqs/troubleshooting.

I've had it up to there *points way up high*.
Wow thank you, I swear i scanned this whole thread but thanks for the point in the right direction no matter how frustrating it was for you
I'm not mad at YOU, I'm mad that all of our best/most detailed information has gone to pot. It's all a big freaking mess and some is here or there or hidden 30 pages deep in a topic.

Hi, I played on syntax for 2 years until the servers finally got shutdown. I am annoyed at myself for not keeping the game files because now I am having problems with the download. Used a download manager as suggested, files still seem to be corrupted. Good thing tho is that I got the server setup ok, which seems to be most people's problem. Hopefully it will download ok this time. I recognise a few names here. I was Zenom199 on syntax and Vandetta on vector. If there is a prob with the download file can ya let me know so I can save downloading it multiple times... We actually have download limits in Australia >.<
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