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I need to know if this is still happening, or if the game in on now, plz reply asap.
I need you to look around the forums to see if you can find the answer.

plz let me know asap.
i loll'ed
I instal Matrix Server Client and he open but it is writing that "Negotiating with Server" and not open. What I must do ?
It depends.

What did you do wrong?

Make sure you are NOT RUNNING matrix.exe. Run the launcher that is part of Rajko's download package.
I keep getting authenticating... the auth servers are unavailable. Please try again later...

Whats up? Why cant I get on?
Okay, so, this is probably a ignorant question that can be answered very easily. Anyways, I download the MatrixOnline.7z but I can't open it. I had WinRAR but it expired, so I downloaded 7-Zip (tried to Uninstall WinRAR but it didn't work for some reason, so I just deleted it). Still can't open the MatrixOnline.7z file. I saved it in Program Files but nothing (as in Matrix Online or Monolith Production) shows up. All I can find is the MxOEmuLauncher.exe file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

First off, use the download manager that's on the front page! It took two tries but it finally downloaded (after x amount of hours) and then I right-clicked the MatrixOnline.7z file and it had the 7-Zip program I downloaded. Unzip it to Program Files (recommended) and THEN you.. Right-Click MxOEmuTestServer > Run as Administrator > Here's where I (and I'm sure others) have gotten stuck before. When it asks you to find the directory, go to Program Files, select it so that it shows its contents, then DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT "Choose". You are, in essence, choosing the Program Files folder that holds the unzipped MatrixOnline.7z, not its contents.
Your WinRAR...expired ?

[Image: 5pv9v.png]

Also you extracted it right into Program Files ? I'm sure that didn't make a mess of your folders at all (not to mention UAC issues etc)
Best place to extract it would be somewhere like DriveLetter:\Games\Maytricks or something

EDIT: These kinds of issues of people not being able to install things that don't have a proper installer is a reason why the next release will be browser installable/launchable (and can use standard/old/monolith/soe mxo installs as a base).
There will be no 7z to download, everything will be downloaded by the mxo launcher patcher (as it was under monolith/soe) if you don't have it (or a small 20MB patch if you have everything/a recent version, larger patches the older version you have, and yes, the 3CD version is also within those).
Also it will be Vista/7/8 compatible with no UAC issues ever (with no dissapearing profiles or anything).
is the server down?
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