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(05-01-2014, 02:39 PM)Sixxth Wrote: [ -> ]Errr.....hmmmm.

yes I'm well aware of where the word baeddel comes from, as well as its relation to "scritta" and "waepenwifestre" and who it was applied to historically.

but I'm not trying to discuss that, I'm here to talk about how happy I am with the progression of the server Big Grin keep up the great work!.

mmm I also looked at the "wiktionary" link and it's wholly incorrect and is also completely lacking of context, I'd be happy to provide a more accurate definition if you'd prefer.
Just downloaded the client and can't say how extremely happy I am to finally find this game again! Jeez it's been years for since I've come across it and someone pointed this site out to me and just had to find it again.
uh, hello, i'm new here, a LOVE Matrix movies and i find the online game and (bla bla bla) i'm here now, but what i need to do, to my game run? i wanna play it 'I'm sorry i'm really bad at english - i'm from Czech Republic) soo.. what i need to do? Thanks so much.. Smile
The instructions and download links are on the front page at

Also read through the FAQ beforehand, it will answer any questions you'll have starting out, as well as describe the very limited functionality the game currently has. There's not much you can do other than explore the city and chat. Link to the FAQ in my signature below.
I have issue trying to launch the game after character creation how long does it take to load the game?
(13-09-2016, 01:01 AM)coldkeyes Wrote: [ -> ]I have issue trying to launch the game after character creation how long does it take to load the game?

You do not create the character in game you use the mxo website under your profile settings.

Please read the FAQ it explains everything -
Your next stop should be the getting started guide.

This will get you started with everything the current emulator is capable of (which isn't much in the grand scheme of things).

Also, everyone asks the same questions and nobody reads the FAQs. So here's a thread of a lot of the same questions you're likely to ask, and I took time to answer them in detail. It also links to things like the FAQ and the getting started guide. Basically, the thread linked below will get you the most you can get out of the current emulator, and a general idea why the Unreal Engine 4 conversion is kind of stalled at the moment. Please take the time to read it, and welcome to the project!
Hello guys, any chances on where could I download the whole game?

Edit: Blame on me, downloaded the MatrixOnline.7z file and extracted it.

Then applied the 7.6002p_patcher thingies.

Everything went fine, even the account information got approved (I entered the same account registered at the website.

However as the game launches and the Warner Bros/SOE title end, a bar saying something like "Master game object manager" appears and the game gets quit.

What should I do? :/
why yyou guys dont make a video how to install the game and unpack the patch ?
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