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(18-02-2010, 10:37 AM)thinnerbrandito Wrote: [ -> ]Help!, I start realitymood and then i clik on matrix2... but it doesnt say matrix2.bat shoul it affect anything. but yeah nothing will start up, i did everything it said on that guide, heeeeelllllp!

Go to your program files, monolith etc and create a shortcut of Matrix2.bat and place it on ya desktop. If it's not there then it must be still in the .zip file you downloaded.
What OS are you running?

If you're running WinXP, then open up My Computer, go to the Tools menu, select Folder Options. Click the View tab. At the very bottom, you'll see "Hide extensions for known filetypes." Uncheck this box and hit OK.

Now you'll see Matrix2.exe and Matrix2.bat.

If you do NOT see these two, then you did not follow the directions correctly. Copy EVERYTHING that is INSIDE the "Copy to MxO" folder into MxO. Do NOT copy the actual folder, but be sure to copy its contents.
oh yeahhhh I forgot that they hide em as standard, been so long since I had to change mine lol.

Yes what he said!
Please stay on topic, this has nothing to do with "The matrix online client" and should go into the "Idiots guide to running mxo" thread
I dont have it working yet but I would make a donation as well probably the same amount I was paying SOE. each month.

I have the original CD's as I bought the game but still im not able to log in so Ill d/l again as the frst time the D/L or the client did not work.
it wont let me download it im useing crome and it says it done but its not
use. a download. manager.
Firefox, built in DL manager..ftw!
kk ll so far so good ill tell u if i have another problem
Every time I log on I appear in the clouds with a green sky...

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