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Full Version: Server Status: OLD AND UP
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This thread will show the current server status.

MxO Emu
Oh my god, did you guys know the auth server is down???

I don't mean to laugh at you Manatik, but DUDE! COME ON!

The entire reason I created this thread was to tell everyone the server status. I JUST updated it yesterday, and you're already asking the credibility of what I'm posting? Really?


like i said, first time I was trying to log on so I wanted to be sure if it was the server or something I had setup wrong on my end.

maybe, just maybe!, you posted they were down, and later, it was up, and you hadnt gotten a chance to update this thread yet! unless of course, YOU are the person that enables the server and you automatically come here and update this thread, but I dont know this, so I ask!

so another question, since I got a bunch of silly ones, when will it be up again?

No one really knows except for rajkosto. He's currently busy with real life stuff I think. At least that's my understanding. Feel free to correct me : ).
Nope, you got it right, SadPanda.

Rajko is not really paying attention to this project at the moment. He's got plenty of RL stuff going on.

No ETA to the server coming back up, and as far as I'm aware, the MxO Live server at is down, too with no ETA of revival.
hmm.. I think it would be quite perfect timing if another server happen to appear Tongue
One that gets the love and attention every project server craves. One that's appreciated by users and admins alike! One that will rise to the status of legend in the hearts and minds of children around the world! ........yeah.
ok no problem, saw on the mxo fb page that some ppl were on around xmas, not even sure if it was this emu or the other one?
Yes, that was this emu. The server went down about a week ago.
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