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MxOEmu is now accepting donations. The PayPal donation button can be found near the bottom of the forums, On the main page.

Donations are Donating ofcourse. So it's your own free will if you choose to donation or not. We do not require you to donate.

Thank you and have a nice day operatives.

-Agent Gray
Im getting a debit card set up at the moment so as soon as thats done, Ill donate some cash funds Big Grin
i only did it cuz a bunch of yous told me to
If this will help get the emulator going im willing to throw in a few buxx Wink
mods you guys should pin this thread...
I don't see the PayPal button. Has it been left out since the transition?

How can I donate? I can't give much, right now, but I want to contribute.
donate by boycotting paypal.
i hate paypal,if you do 1 little thing wrong they close you account......any other ways we can donate
I never had any problems with paypal, and I use it a lot.
people are so willing to donate, hope you guys get some more motivation by this (let alone the motivation to play MxO ones more with you friends)
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