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Full Version: Patching MxO
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sorry for asking a stupid question. I really admire the work you have done here and wanted to try it out. The problem I have now, is that I installed MxO from the 3 Cds and it now tells me it is unable to find an internet connection.

So how can I patch MxO to the current version in order to use your emulator?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Keep up the great work Smile
not an stupid question but coming into that way.

Atm there is no server to connect to, so you have to run the server @ your pc.

That means: not just patching, not patching available.

To understand it, try to read at development forums.
If you still dont get it, i would suggest you to wait till a server is announced (that may be never though, if we dont finish this).
So the only option I have would be to download a completely patched MxO version, right? Is there something like that about?
Quote:you have to run the server @ your pc

try to read at development forums.

i would add "read The MxO Client" too
Thanks, I downloaded the patched client and its working now.

Thanks again for your assistance, Morpheus.
You'r welcome.