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Full Version: Server emulator on linux machine
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I have a question, i can hosting a emulator server on a linux machine by wine? i have some machines but i want know that can run under ubuntu for example...

You can compile the server natively for linux
In fact, the one is running under 64bit debian wheezy right now, and wine isn't even installed on that.
However, i don't know why you would want to run your own, other than for development reasons
There's barely anyone on the main one anyway, and running a local one for private fun doesn't really make sense
Some of our friends, want to have a roleplay server, and i give the idea about MxO.
Is only for testing reasons but if the idea go up, we can have a rpmxo server.
Im a web developer (php,xhtml & js) but i hope that i can compile the server myself, thanks rajkosto for your work.