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RE: screenshots - HiltoftheDragon - 21-01-2013

Check these out.

The hallway with doors. It wasnt used for anything at the time and we used an exploit to get there.
[Image: screenshot_2.jpg]

Getting ready for that wierd fly virus event they always had.
[Image: screenshot_10.jpg]

The event itself. I dont remember for the life of me what this event was about now. Mabey somebody who remembers can elaborate.
[Image: screenshot_14.jpg]

Gathering for something, dont remember what.
[Image: screenshot_15.jpg]

Looking at some red. Sometimes we could hang out with the zion....sometimes.
[Image: screenshot_17.jpg]

RE: screenshots - rajkosto - 21-01-2013

if LE stuff is what you want, there's a bunch from some zipfiles i mirrored from a guy with a slow server:

RE: screenshots - Skyscream - 07-04-2013

(21-01-2013, 02:20 PM)rajkosto Wrote: if LE stuff is what you want, there's a bunch from some zipfiles i mirrored from a guy with a slow server:

Hmm. Nice.
*downloads it all*

Thanks Rajkosto.
Big Grin

RE: screenshots - Hashtag - 14-07-2013

Level Up #LoooL
[Image: 71fb.jpg]

RE: screenshots - Xenith - 16-10-2013

This guys was running his mouth to me for whatever reason (couldn't remember) and we decided to duel. Nuff said.

[Image: RedBirdDeletion.jpg]


[Image: WoodgrainvsSeraph-4.jpg]

During the BlueSky Event

[Image: bluesky2.jpg]


[Image: AngelAgentcopycopy.jpg]


[Image: build-explocopy.jpg]

RE: screenshots - cyberkat - 16-10-2013

This was shot after a nice friendly PVP match on Recursion zion vs machines and Mervs. After that PVP match Legion of Honor and Kings of never made the alliance between them. After the Machines and Mervs broke the rules of engagement.....Rule: cannot hit or kill the person who is/or being the healers for both faction. [Image: edfc.jpg]

This one was after Me (my Alt Malicexrann) and a few Girls made the first female Machine faction on recursion, Soon after that we went recruiting. The 4 top captains were formally from Invictus [Image: 17ce.jpg] and this one was recruiting selected targets [Image: 9634.jpg]

RE: screenshots - Xenith - 17-10-2013

Nice, Kat!

RE: screenshots - Aquilae - 18-10-2013

Pretty elaborate buddy list there.

I actually missed the AOL-IM based functionality.

RE: screenshots - Neopill - 19-10-2013

I miss Exile radio