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RE: Screenshots - rajkosto - 29-06-2009

replaying captured "player appeared" packet with changed name


RE: Screenshots - awkardillusion - 12-07-2009

nice screens from yall....

RE: Screenshots - adamos_w - 01-08-2009

Looks good to me Wink Waiting for more.

RE: Screenshots - Brooklyn - 02-08-2009

towards the "end"
[Image: screenshot777.jpg]
[Image: screenshot687.jpg]
[Image: screenshot649s.jpg]

My favorite billboard/poster
[Image: screenshot60.jpg]
the "orange man" outfit
[Image: screenshot0b.png]
[Image: screenshot56.jpg]
the eyes in the sky
[Image: copyofscreenshot10.jpg]
panorama gif
[Image: pano.gif]
[Image: officepano.gif]
i had one more gif but iv misplaced it (i deleted it Tongue ill remake it and up load it)

RE: Screenshots - 1stAnomaly - 02-08-2009

Got tonnes of screenies and i will post them here eventually when i can upload them all easily. (Literally thousands of them.)

RE: Screenshots - Agent Gray - 02-08-2009

I have a few SSs, But over 300gb of video. That I'm currently converting.

RE: Screenshots - pit0n - 02-08-2009

The End

[Image: w400_b6ba575d0ba2e4db3261cf67db56548b.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Rycus - 02-08-2009

There we are on our ledge. Sigh Sad

RE: Screenshots - pit0n - 03-08-2009

youtube - great thing dude, thnx for HD video Rycus Smile

RE: Screenshots - Valaro - 03-08-2009

I wish I was ale to stay awake that last hour otherise id have been on the ledge with you guys Sad