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RE: Screenshots - Wire393 - 06-08-2009

Me with green hair

[Image: Wire2sig.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Seraph - 16-11-2009

some of these aren't right before the end, just some throughout my experience of the game. Wink

Seraph vs agent
[Image: screenshot_7.jpg]

kick to the THROAT!!
[Image: kick.jpg]

if you look closely, I'm dead. lol
[Image: screenshot_2-1.jpg]

me cutting a deal with Kellner, It was actually an ambush so I wasn't exactly in a position to make a deal...;p
[Image: screenshot_3.jpg]

me as a 1st generation agent fighting zombies on halloween
[Image: screenshot_14.jpg]

kick to the FACE!!
[Image: propertriple.jpg]

red moon
[Image: redmoon.jpg]

'nother kick to the face
[Image: screenshot_5.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Metalogic - 16-11-2009

Ahh Good times, Good times.

RE: Screenshots - Valaro - 16-11-2009

Thank You man! Some of these sooth the pain that i cant log in and kick ass anymore Sad

RE: Screenshots - Gerik - 16-11-2009

Oh snap, its that Rylex guy!

RE: Screenshots - Seraph - 16-11-2009

(16-11-2009, 06:57 PM)Gerik Wrote: Oh snap, its that Rylex guy!

Oh snap, its Gerik! :p lol hows it goin man, long time no see! is Lt0brien around here somewhere?

RE: Screenshots - SaintVel - 25-11-2009

Hidden System (Faction-Merv) Group Shot
[Image: factionwnames.jpg]
Metacortex (Thomas Andersons place of employment)
[Image: metacortex.jpg]
Neo's RSI
[Image: neorsicredit.jpg]
The End (white room party)
[Image: theendpx.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Synapze777 - 03-12-2009

[Image: syn777.tif]
We want you for protection of the Exiled programs in the Matrix.

RE: Screenshots - Rxu - 03-12-2009

I'll share some random pics:

Faction Shot from way back when..
[Image: Churchpic.jpg]

Very old forum sig that I liked very much BTW
[Image: RXUEPN2copy.jpg]

Faction Fight Night w/ guest 9mmfu
[Image: FCwithDEV.jpg]

Paying Respects to Keterina (EPN LO) after being killed by Systematica
[Image: screenshot_446.jpg]

EPN Meeting
[Image: screenshot_109.jpg]

A FC that my faction hosted a while back
[Image: screenshot_132.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_141.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_172.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_364.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_372.jpg]

Thats it, i'll post more another day.

RE: Screenshots - Neo VII - 04-12-2009

Mmmm, pictures from favorite.