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RE: MxO Emu testing server - MajTom - 25-07-2010

um go to

RE: Anita testing server - bitbomb - 28-10-2019

9 year necro ftw

Start here:

Keep in mind that guide is outdated, Hyperjump, Hyperspeed, Archivist Proxies, and Subways all work now too. The news page on the front of lists some of the more recently added features. Currently there are no combat or missions. You can explore the city, play FX and animations, hyperjump around, chat. Hardlines, elevators, and subways work, and you can even hardline to unused areas that were never accessible during the live game. Also a few vendors around Mara C work, as well as other scattered about the other districts. Most do not though. Inventory works, you can equip clothing and weapons (though since there's no combat, weapons aren't exactly useful).