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RE: Ventrilo Server! - SyxXTSyxX - 23-12-2009

I look around and see ALOT of familiar names on this forum..

RE: Ventrilo Server! - FishyHat - 23-12-2009

I can also provide a Vent server which can be up 100% of the time if need be.

I guess mine could be used as a back-up in case something happens with Sharpie's.

RE: Ventrilo Server! - sharpy36 - 24-12-2009

My vent server info is:

Just add that as the host in Vent.
There is no password.
It uses the default port.
As of now, it has been up 100% of the time.

RE: Ventrilo Server! - JazznJos - 26-12-2009

Why not just use the new TS3 servers they hold 32 for free and are far better quality and you can do other cooler stuff then vent.