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Single player campaign? - BlackRabbit002 - 02-10-2017

Not really related to the emulator, but a couple months ago I coulda swore I saw a BitTorrent link to a playable singleplayer version of MxO on it's Matrix wiki page, essentially just the original game, but an empty server with NPCs. Would you guys know of anything like that?

RE: Single player campaign? - bitbomb - 03-10-2017

I've been following this project and various offshoot projects since around 2010 (all based on Rajko's originally released Reality codebase from back around then) and I've never heard of anything like what you describe. This might be a stupid question but are you sure it wasn't just Enter the Matrix? Maybe someone else has some input on this but the multiplayer part isn't the hard part, Rajko's had that working for eons. Proper NPCs, combat, missions, etc. are the things that have never worked on any project (except in a really fake, unstable, hacky way on a short lived but fun project called MxOSource). There have been video demos of spawning 'dumb' NPCs and making them walk around but that's hardly the same thing. There was also some website claiming to have a private working server but it was complete BS. They had nothing and I dunno if their site is still around. Do you have any more details? Links?

RE: Single player campaign? - BlackRabbit002 - 03-10-2017

Ahh, so sorry! I found the page, but I appear to have misread it. It's just a(somewhat confusingly formatted) blurb stating where the torrent for the MEMORY BOOK can be found. Thank you for your input!