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RE: dead project - andreverts - 31-08-2019


I'm just a curious fan of Matrix franchise who came across this project while searching for a way to play this game.

rajkosto's work is really impressive, but I haven't totally understand the final purpose here: is all this just for fun or is there a plan behind?

I'm giving you my feedback as it relates to funding: I'd love to support rajkosto, but the message that lies in these pages is that there's nothing needing to be supported.

Hope this can help you to improve!

RE: dead project - rajkosto - 31-08-2019

I just do this as a hobby. I've invested ludicrous amounts of time into this, way more than anyone else would think is sane to, for a thing that cant make any money legally. You can donate, and that would encourage me more than "this guy hasnt done anything in 7-8 years, dead project" even though the most major features like hyperjump werent even implemented until 2017, but there can be no promises or deadlines to meet, I only do what I can and have the time to (I work way more than is "visible", since reverse engineering and research, as well as implementing UE4 stuff only paves a foundation for the future, not immediate results on the server).

RE: dead project - andreverts - 01-09-2019

Thanks for your reply rajkosto!

Hope there's no misunderstanding about my doubt: your passion is admirable, but it'd be fantastic if this project could turn into something that's more than just an hobby (and I think the Matrix community will react with positive contribution!)