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DeCONTROL - a MATRIX Story - 9mmFU - 10-06-2019

Calamity!!! The simulation has suffered a catastrophic data surge!!!
All operatives are trapped!!!

part 01 - Digital Tumbleweeds

Strolling about my usual path between the Mara and Tabor districts nothing seemed unusual. The blues were going about their business and the Exiles, E. Pluribus Neo, Zion and some yet unidentified Machine extremists seem to have no activity in the area. Usually suspicious, I have found myself on this day quite relaxed and off guard. The number of said activities, and need I say "terrorist" acts have gone down quite further than expected compared to previous cycles.

"What was it?" I ask myself , as I progress through my pre-determined patrol of this awesome creation i've come to rely on for its...….persistence. "What the fuck is going on?"I exclaim, as I have been used to trying out new loads on the punks of Mega City. I was bored, unusually lonely, and fucking trigger happy!

As I walk past a very well known Hardline escape route usually "manned" by a loyal machinist group known as the Tetragrammaton I suddenly felt what can only be described as my first real , if there is such a thing as "real" anymore, "chill" in the program. "Something is wrong!." I shrieked! There were no guardians, not one agent, not a single awakened or the lesser. There is a slight breeze, and a cold feeling, like there is someone or something unknown to this place lurking. For the very first time since my substantiation, I felt alone.

Like a Cowboy from the 1800's I creep. Shoulders up, arms back and hands over my pistols...ready for a fight. Our training, although quickly uploaded and executed cannot stop my mind from thinking back to the television shows my grandfather adored. "Was this MY moment?", I asked myself. "Do I face my ultimate foe right here, right now?", I kept questioning out loud.

"Next thing you know Owen, you'll be talking to myself.". I say, as I burst out with laughter, my hands still hovering over my sidearms, eyes all the while still patrolling the desolate alleyways and empty streets I observe along my path.

This is odd indeed.

To be continued...……….