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MXO - Bizwald - 12-06-2019

Sooooo... been awhile eh?

Enjoying life, still making games, having fun.... still an A1 Asshole.

However it seems I got this itch I can't scratch.. won't stop...

Burning in my mind...

Just here to gather resources.... glad this is still here.

No hard feelings.

Need the installer for my latest personal project. Thought I'd say hi.

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 12-06-2019

Sad No extraction tool... Or sound effect files. Guess I'll figure it out myself.

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 13-06-2019

So opening up the pak files and pull out the models and textures and animations, And converting them and importing them into Unity.
3 main Unity store assets easily combined are being used to replace the old engine. I have a working one that was used on another project using these assets. It reminded me of how MXO was done. So I did some playing around... easy peasy! Just time consuming.

Was hoping to find all the sound effects here, Having issues pulling those out in a working form. Easy to put the stuff in. Not easy easy to get it back out. But all the original models animations DDS textures etc etc not a problem. Music no problem. Even got the music engine out and working. I have time off again. taking 2 years off to enjoy myself and relax. But this... always in the back of my mind. I sold the old Engine I made with Quest, so I am unable to use it now. But Unity will work much better. Knowing how the back end works gives me an advantage in replicating MXO using Unity, with some much needed updates.

If anyone still comes here, or is interested feel free to message me. This was a good attempt, but realistically it's easier to remake it using the old assets and updating them to work with Unity. As long as it's art and not a for profit project, it's fair game.

The Unity assets:
RPG Starter kit
Plus whatever else needed. Cash is not an issue. Just time.

I happen to own and have access to just about everything worth having there. 5 years of making stuff for cash I've acquired a lot.

Just some food for thought....

Want MXO back?

Show me....

RE: MXO - spacecowboy - 14-06-2019

Well this is an exciting thread.

Where do we even start, and how can one help?

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 14-06-2019

What can ya do?

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 14-06-2019

I'm currently pulling out all the models and textures. Bit slow going.... They were packed in all 0,0,0 size and 0,0,0 position state, to make it impossible to use a hex editor to get at, The engine sized them and moved them to where they needed to go on load up and cloned them and assigned the textures on load after the Greencode, keeping all the files as small as possible, was a bad idea in retrospect, but whatever. So when I pull out the models it's a giant stack of meshes in one place. at 0,0,0 and I gotta sift... but don't worry, aside from Avatar parts, most things were only 1-5 meshes only, not a big deal. Easy to figure out what goes with what, Can even come up with some of your own combos...
So separating them, and manually assigning the materials and regrouping the meshes is tedious. None of the buildings are whole buildings. They were all sections meant to be able to be mixed and matched by the engine, using files with all the XYZ info.

But before I go further and explain how to do this... last time I tried to suggest doing this I was met with a great deal of hostility. Probably make sure it's okay with the admins here, if I explain everything about the engine and how it worked, how the files were packed, how the mission system works, how the A.I work (Pulled out that code and did some upgrades, already have the A.I ready and converted to Unity's system.) How the skill systems worked....

What would be really handy atm, is the already extracted audio effects and texture files for the skills. Which were here but have been removed...
The clothing, the avatars, World objects, huds etc etc... I got that, Exact same meshes, exact same textures... Unity's engine makes them look terrible so they need some upgrades Wink

I have already begun mapping the Avatar meshes to Unity's rig and mechanime system and attempting to rework the animations so comply with Unity's default Rig.

I can rebuild it with or with out help. Knowing exactly how it worked, how the databases's were set up. Really poorly and rushed, some careful planning could have avoided the database cascade failures it suffered as databases got to big.... but MXO was rushed into being without being fully completed and tested, I'm sure some of you messing with the guts and files seen there was lots unused and many things that did not make sense.

The engine is a easy peasy to replicate, The networking is easy, it's getting at the original content to be able to use it that will take the most time...

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 14-06-2019

if you have the latest version of unity (Unity 2019.1.0f1) you can download a unity project folder, if you open it and get a handle on what your looking at, and what needs to be done, then you can see what I mean. <<--- I have about 30 of these model and texture folders to go through. Pulling out the mesh files and animations out of something deigned by a group of clever peeps not to be, is not easy. But doable. Wink

Some items the textures were actually attached to the models during export time, so they auto load, but many did not. The engine did the work and assigned everything XYZ/UV etc... from data files. (like a mini databases) They are however only understood by the engine's back end. Nothing I can do to make them accessible despite my best attempts... So these need to be sorted and materials and textures reassigned to their proper meshes. The UV info is the same so once you got the right texture with the right mesh... you'll know it. Unity makes it easy easy as pressing the left or right arrow key while matching them up. There are also LOD buildings and objects and textures in these folders. Back then they were not called LOD's they were just called: "the shity version". Often just a box or basic shape with a wrenched texture jobs... even for that time... some just have no textures at all and were only meant to be seen from a distance in the fog.

The Matrix might seem complicated but really... it wasn't. Modular models were used for just about everything. DT is the only area where models were "high end" and full textured and paired and completed. As it was the first area done, before the rush began... and all the area's got rushed. It should have been so much more. I'm sorry it wasn't. Money ruins everything. For everyone.

But... I'd really like to try to rectify that. If there is anyone even left that gives a crap lol... regardless it's my personal project, I'm not good taking time off. So might as well do something for myself. And if a few of you enjoy it, well that is what making games was supposed to be about. Somewhere along the way we forgot that... Sad

And yes when I am done I will share the rest of the original 3d models and textures from these above packs for nostalgia sake. I Already had my MXO Bizwald avatar running around in a few mods killing people he he he he....

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 15-06-2019

Cool, nobody being mean yet. People reading it, cool, I'll continue...

In that pack after you sift threw 20-30+ models and move them into the scene somewhere in some order you'll finally come down to one of the basic avatar set ups. (No face) Those are in a different PKB I have not got to yet.

You take each of the separate parts of the avatar and snap them to a bone save it as a prefab and delete it off the bone placeholder, do this for eat avatar item. After all of them have been pulled out the PKBs you then parent and position each of basic avatars on one object, Add a mesh deformers where needed with some sliders if you want to make the bodies more customizable then they use to be. Or just choose the old body prefab as is. Whatever. Then choose your face or hair or hat prefab using the actual original huds from the loading area etc... and what not.
each item of clothing has animations but are useless with the animation system and rig in Unity, so they need to be done again. But The asset store and unity itself has stuff to make that painless and easy.
Everything is getting pulled out. Pak by pak, I do have other commitments so I'm sorry it will take a bit.

The skills and how they interacted was at a database level. Those are beyond our reach. But easy to remember and replicate. Happens to be I'm a wiz with databases and writing queries etc. The skills are all plug and play prefabs with animation triggers. Unity can help you do that in 6 clicks.

With everyone keeping notes on missions etc etc and storyline, not hard to covert them to a database and attach them to quest NPC.

The RPG Asset I mentioned has all the examples and script needed to do all of what I mentioned so far yourself. If you can figure out Unity. And with the pack I uploaded you can see for yourself....

Easy fucking peasy... The MFP asset makes it so you can be networked and host your own servers, if extra time put in you could be able to control and load your own missions for RPG etc etc... with host transfer capabilities, with very little loading time. As well as a mass server with that switched off so there is only one steady host. And you can see how it's all set up using Photon. And That is the easiest thing in the world to network a game with... and one of the most stable networking platforms around.

The clothing needs a massive paint job and bump mapping etc redone. And maybe some new clothing added. You can put the entire industry to shame if you put your heart and souls into it... and most of it can be done... for free...

Honestly... I think they could use a reality check...

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 15-06-2019

Okay so how are the stages to go? Neworking games is hard right?

Wrong. If you know what your doing and understand the server client relationships and loop holes and bugs, it's not hard.

But the networking is the last part.

First stage is getting a player/ with a full working skill set/ And the avatar and animation system running around mara.

Once that is done you use it as a template to do all the other trees. Save it as a prefab.
Rise wash and repeat till all the trees are done.
Then attach the skills to the UI add the local or database triggers. Again super easy.
Skills are loaded can be leveled up. The RPG example will show you how it's done perfectly. All there.

Attach skills activation and purchase to store NPC UI's.

The A.I well guess what? They can use those skill and clothing prefabs two. Since they use the same Rigs as players... Smile So 5? birds one stone.
I got the A.I ready when you need em. They a bit more bad ass then the ones you were used to, wouldn't under etsimate them kicking your ass, they not dumb no more. Smile

Now I guess we should discuss Original Interlock.
It was one of the best parts of the game.
But also a very glitch filled mouse clicking frustrating time.
However, I took the time to make a better interlocking system, while still allowing a bit more freedom with moves but in the old original style. I have some touch ups to do on it but, it works. It's a prefab. That both players and A.I can use in the exact same way. PVP/A.I/Player etc etc.

It also has a option that if pings get to low neither can do a move and you roll out and evade each other same time. I'm unsure if that actually something that could be used or would be exploited. So it didn't make it into the prefab.

I also have reworked A.I. for teammates etc and mission bots etc...

RE: MXO - Bizwald - 15-06-2019

I think that explains most of it. And I've translated MXO into Unity for anybody. And am getting you all the stuff you need and didn't already have. That is all I know. I do code cities, engines, A.I, Models and databases and sell them to people. Story, Music, Missions, textures, not my thing. Never has been. I can't even draw fucking stick men.