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Seraph-White Room- Agents - NeoMatrixology - 15-07-2019

Does anyone have a screen shot or know what level Seraph was. I know Player max lvl 50, Agents at 255. Speaking of agents, is there anywhere in the emulator that I can go where there is an agent present?

Also, is there a way into the white room on the emulator?


RE: Seraph-White Room- Agents - bitbomb - 15-07-2019

You can teleport to all the white detention rooms, and the white halls (other stuff too). Check out this post:

There are no NPCs around except signposts, mission contacts, and vendors. Only a few vendors work around Mara Central. Mission contacts and signposts don't work atm. Not sure about the Seraph stuff though.

RE: Seraph-White Room- Agents - NeoMatrixology - 24-07-2019

Thanks for the heads up on the link. I'll try to get some white room footage