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Characters Stuck Loading - Magnentius - 18-03-2020

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone is having the problem of getting stuck on the blue loading screen. I've had a character since 2014 and he got stuck after I attempted to go to the loading area from the HL to clear the glowing code eyes animation on a mask. I haven't been able to log in with him since Sunday. He is on my account for kashbusby - name Magnentius. I also have a character on theis account and his name is Constantius. He got stuck just jacking out normally of the HL. I'd hate to have to make a new character and set everything up from scratch, so If anyone can't assist that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

RE: Characters Stuck Loading - rajkosto - 19-03-2020

i have fixed it try now

RE: Characters Stuck Loading - Magnentius - 19-03-2020

(19-03-2020, 03:54 PM)rajkosto Wrote: i have fixed it try now

Awesome Rajkosto, you're the best! Thanks a million!