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Any New Mask codes? - Magnentius - 25-03-2020

Hello everyone,

I've been jacking into the emulator pretty regularly for a couple of weeks and I really appreciate the tutorials and content on this website. I've managed to use most of the main character mask, but I've seen a couple of people with some of the other character mask. So I was wondering if there were new codes for some different mask that would help out greatly. Also if anyone knows how to go about finding new mask that would also be great. Last thing, has anyone found a way to get some of the boss drops like gloves shoes, weapons. It would be sweet to have that Zero One Robot riffle. Anyway, thanks for reading.

RE: Any New Mask codes? - Tedd1 - 25-03-2020

I made a list of a couple I found that isn't in the main draft.

Note there are different variations/colors of a lot of these but this is just what I gathered.

Task Master- 040002ba
Nightmare- 4e0001cA
Gargoyle- 4e00071N
Colonel/Commando- DC00000D
- BC0005B6
- BC0005BE
- BC0005C1
Covert Operatives- DC00000E
- DC00000F
Elite Commando- 04000317
Sgt. Swat Mask off- 04000AEB
" " " On- 04000AEC
Malphas- 40000924
Invalesco- 4e00007e

Different types o Vamps/Blood Drinkers

Blood Drinker purple- 000522
Vamp Green 40000548
Vamp Black 40000547
Vamp Red 4000053f

Red- 9000163
Green- 900006a5
Purple- 900006a8

Ninja Lady- BC0005b6

RE: Any New Mask codes? - bitbomb - 25-03-2020

Every mask can be found in the file rezmap.lta in your mxo install directory. It's a plaintext file that can be opened in any text editor. Use the ID in the first column with the &setmask command. You can only use the ones that refer to .moa files. You can literally turn into any game object.

RE: Any New Mask codes? - Magnentius - 26-03-2020

Thanks a ton fellas, you guys are awesome!