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Eagster Eggs - HD_Morpheus - 20-01-2010

Seems like no one found this one (googled), so imma start a thread about it Big Grin

Note: Eagster eggs are hidden messages or actions written by devs that normally are not seen, but could be in some way. Refer to the wiki for a real explanation.

Lets look at some part of the game code.. randomly:

[Image: wtfdu.jpg]

It looks so ugly, doesnt it?

But what if we do some colouring with paint?

[Image: wtf2u.jpg]

Indeed. It's there.

"Justin is a Nerd 07-27-2005"

According to my research should be:
Justin LaLone (Game Designer, Game Objects Intern)

Interesting, isnt it?. If you know how to contact Justin, he may want to know Tongue.

Interesting2: how long has this been on your client.dll? maybe for 4 years hahaha.

RE: Eagster Eggs - Metalogic - 20-01-2010

That is interesting! Smile

RE: Eagster Eggs - nighthawk7000 - 20-01-2010

I lol'ed

RE: Eagster Eggs - Bayamos - 20-01-2010

there's other messages too. Justin Lalone was Dracomet btw.

RE: Eagster Eggs - Vesuveus - 20-01-2010

That's pretty funny.

RE: Eagster Eggs - Prospero - 20-01-2010

(20-01-2010, 04:25 AM)Bayamos Wrote: there's other messages too. Justin Lalone was Dracomet btw.

Then the comment was extremely apropros.

By the way, is anyone in touch with him at all? Or know him socially/professionally? He could help out a lot with a few answers to a few questions. At a minimum.

RE: Eagster Eggs - Sixxth - 20-01-2010

Ha - LaLone sniper rifle!

Ive often wondered how some of the ingame things were named..

I also seem to recall in the old closed beta forums a thread referring to him when he was an intern. If this is who I remember he was in charge of creating loot/drop tables, I believe. That ring a bell for anyone else?

RE: Eagster Eggs - Bayamos - 20-01-2010

Yeah at the naming... Myers, LaLone, Ragaini, Arpin, Bormann, Royer, Seavy, Whitfield, Zatkin etc. were all staff members.

Yeah, Dracomet created or managed the GameObjects system, which was the top-level management for all items/props/etc, and how they appear in the world - their iconID, stringID, abilityID, rezID, etc. He's now moved on to programming UI for The Agency. Although Tseng wrestled control of an admin-client Agency box when people weren't looking at Fan Faire, and reports that while ghosting thru midair is pretty cool, the UI works pretty bad. Last I've seen, there was a new announcement on SOE's hiring page looking for an ActionScript UI programmer for the Agency ... so who knows if Dracomet's still even there.

RE: Eagster Eggs - Metalogic - 20-01-2010

I know Rarebit Ben Chamberalin won't help. He has moved on to doing some kind of film thing. He's my friend on Facebook, and I did ask him if he would come to the end of SOE's MxO, and he said no. I think he has washed his hands completely of MxO.

RE: Eagster Eggs - rajkosto - 20-01-2010

hack the ground smash to meet neo and trinity

biggest easter egg in mxo